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you know guys - including you who is trying to set a record for posts on a single thread (not really good manners to always want the last word every single time) - the appeals court will decide this issue, one way or the other, not us. i'll wait for that definitive analysis.   the real world problem is Amazon's very real undeinable monopoly power in the book world. they have been engaged in a classic "dumping" strategy, forcing prices down with their market control to...
i'm sure many commenters above have said this already, but really, this is total f'ing vapor-ware from SS. CES is THE annual orgy of vapor-ware announcements.   ALL the responses by other OEM's so far to Apple's TouchID to date have been vapor-ware - or defective products that just don't work right.   call me up when anyone of them actually has a product for sale that works.
um ... this doc is 5 years old! i think maybe that is just too out of date to matter now.   whatever the NSA is doing/trying to do has no doubt become a lot more sophisticated since then. and iOS security has also advanced greatly. none of use really has any idea what is happening now.   where are those hacker geniuses when you need them to figure stuff like this out?
thanks for a rational analysis!  of course budgets do matter in the mass market, especially for larger families. plus OS simplicity is always desirable too. and the trade-off of Google's massive data mining of their lives' data probably doesn't really trouble many (people are resigned to it  - "everyone does it"). so Chromebooks may very well take away a huge chunk of Windows laptop sales. like half - most of the consumer market, leaving only businesses still buying W7...
thanks for reminding us about how NPD plays its game. of course, NPD could also easily estimate the omitted Apple's direct sales stats too (they know total sales that Apple announces quarterly, and they can subtract their own third party same-period sales numbers from that to get a likely historic multiplier to apply to their latest reseller sales info). but they don't. nor do they make any of this clear in their "reports." because NPD are really paid hacks hyping their...
lots of web site articles pointed this out a few months ago. here's one: http://readwrite.com/2013/09/11/iphone-5s-64-bit-a7-why-you-need-it#awesm=~ortPTnCejQdXW3 i think even DED himself wrote one. will have to search .. added: http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/09/12/hands-on-with-the-new-64-bit-a7-powered-iphone-5s-with-new-m7-camera-touch-id http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/10/04/apples-64-bit-a7-already-powering-advanced-new-audio-video-features-in-apps-and-games
you're definitely wrong about the Camera app - one of the very most important to consumers - and its major quality improvements that clearly rely on 64 bit capabilities. and you're probably wrong about Touch ID too., which likely uses 64 bit power. and those are the two "marquee" features of the 5s. in other words, you're just wrong. and that's before any other apps are optimized for 64 bit. why can't you and all the rest just give Apple's 64 bit "innovation" the credit...
for iPads i just don't know. mine work fine. does it crash even after a restart the kills all apps and clears memory?
Mavericks broke a lot of older software. and some old extensions in Safari don't work anymore either.
um ... this is post 1,350 ... clearly there is something amiss with your set up (need more RAM?), a corrupted/bug/incompatible software, or your hardware.
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