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it's so obvious that Cook's "you're the proudct" comment hit home - and hard.   Zuckerberg, the arrongant fool. what a "tell." he should never play poker.
it's really a head scratcher why any top execs at MS really think this ad campaign can/will work. the simplest explanation is they just don't have any idea what else to do, and this is all they have left. they already tried - for years - to sell "it's Windows on a touchscreen tablet!" - and that just never worked. Hint: very few actually want Windows on a touchscreen, but very many don't.   i assume this ad campaign has been funded for a certain time frame - to the end...
 just wrong. see above. ah come on. it is clear from what Rubin actually did in the years he was in charge of Android that he envisioned the Nexus line as much more than a prototype. and then he bought Motorola! and no, it wasn't just for the patents. it was to potentially become an OEM too. and it's clear his schemes truely "flopped" and Paige dumped him because of that. that was the history that DED referenced in his off-hand "flop" remark that you took issue with - he...
ah, good of you to cherry-pick some Google PR quotes from 2014 about its Nexus line intentions - it's a testing platform, a prototype. at least, nowadays it is. but let's go back a few years to the beginning, shall we? and see if that was the only original goal. after rummaging around a lot of Wikipedia Nexus products footnotes, i found this article from 2012 that sums it all up...
oh my you really are grasping at definitional straws at this point. i get it: you and only you have the pontifical right to define how words are to be used here. so you say all the matters is Google's "intent" for its Nexus line. well, myself and DED don't see it that way, GG, do you get that? we measure by sales. it's like the difference between first degree (premeditated) and second degree (unpremeditated) murder - either way the victim (Nexus) is dead.
you could be right. we'll see!
i agree it's the small core group of fandroids that buy Nexus products to get the latest OS version - "early adopters" that will pay a premium price for this. but i disagree they are important. the "Android marketplace" is the cheap commodity tablets/phones of the world, and they are  a fraction of 1% of that market, which is motivated by price, not by the "latest and greatest" OS. at best, they are beta testers.
OMG, i see i've opened AI to a droid invasion!
well, he put Siri down hard too. but he's keeping the Air 2 anyway.
ah - Nexus 9: ProsIt runs Android 5.0 and will receive timely OS updates from Google. Lollipop is nice, it's pretty, and it adds a lot of cool new features to Android for users and developers alike. For a Nexus device, the screen is pretty good. Not amazing, but totally respectable. It's just the right size to type on. I think 8.9" is the sweet spot for software keyboards, at least for my hands. A better Gmail experience, better notification handling, multi-user support,...
New Posts  All Forums: