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OMG, the good ol' "i didn't get my butt kicked because ... i wasn't really trying!" rationalization. sure, Google's PR is that the Nexus line are just "pure Android" prototypes, or "flagship" products, and so their success is not measured by sales. and it rotates them among its so-called Open Handset Alliance OEM's to share that prestige among them without favoritism. but if strong consumer demand for the Nexus tabs were really there, it's horseshit to claim the OEM...
more than that, you can continue to use your "club" cards (or phone # ID) with ApplePay just like you do now at supermarkets, discount stores, etc. BEFORE the clerk totals your bill. even coupons. that gives the retailer the basic info they want, always has, just not all the extra financial info CurrentC requires from you too. all those who ignore this simple factoid, as if ApplePay means getting no store discounts at all, are just plain stupid or wilful liars. ApplePay...
Ha! it's CurrentC that is going to "expire" in months, not years. it's already DOA.
well this thread is epic.   but the ultimate point, IMHO, is the CEO/leader of the most important company in world, Tim Cook, is gay.   take that, bigots everywhere on earth.   there are still some bigger companies. but oil ... really, leadership? no. addiction, yes.   and make no mistake, Apple is now Tim's company and vision (much evidence proves this). respectfully, Steve is history that is over.   Apple is the most important company in the world because it...
 that's right. you misunderstood my comment. the point is, SS is getting drubbed from both sides at once.
yes in most of Asia it is Xiaomi et al that are eating SS's lunch. but in the USA and Japan it's Apple.
that's not the scenario i worry about. i'm not a crook or wikileaker. it's identity theft by real crooks i worry about.
Business Insider for once has the story right:   http://www.businessinsider.com/samsung-v-apple-smartphone-sales-and-profits-2014-10   the larger new iPhone 6's are indeed crushing SS high-end sales. even SS admits it. this holiday quarter will be a massacre.   have to note this also blows away the many Tim Cook bashers here and elsewhere. not offering larger screen iPhone models from near the beginning was unquestsionably a Steve Jobs mistake - a big one. SS filled...
Walmart et al. are dead meat.   justice.
no, i meant do you have multiple ID's you post under? of course Corrections/ Prince Mclean = DED. that's been utterly obvious for years.
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