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 nobody can ever satisfy a crybaby. if you don't want it, don't click on it.
too bad DED did not pick up (yet) on the snob blather from the high-end fashion watch people in Europe. except from their literal jewelry - diamond studded watch cases etc which Apple does not compete with - their high-end brand-ID product demand is about to collapse as the APhone becomes the latest status symbol of a digital era. what are they going to sell to their trendy buyers under 40? an Android anything? a Samsung Rolex? Hah!
 agreed. but media was full of headlines the next day about how iTunes users hated having U2 shoved on them without anyone even bothering to check facts about how the downloading actually works - with click affirmation required for download. that's about as bad as it gets.
actually, this U2/Apple freebie may prove to generate the all time high of piss-ant spoiled two year old whiner pants wetting ever heard on the internet.   don't want it? just don't go into your Purchased menu on the iTunes store page and click on it. oh poor poor me! that is so hard not to do!! oh the existential pain. oh they are so forcing me!!! mommy, help!   don't like the Classic u2 sound? too old! no problem, you got the 20+ hit bands today that sell millions...
it's easy, and it happens. so people with Rolex don't ride the bus/subway. and they tend to live/work in "safe" neighborhoods/workplaces and are very security conscious when traveling - or take it off.
 ok, you convinced me to go back to bed and stay there all day. my life is too complicated already! seriously tho, you're forgetting practical advantages of having both an iPhone and AWatch. my wife keeps her iPhone in her purse most of the time (i think this is true for most women). so when it rings she has to fuss with the purse first and pull it out, and if the purse is someplace else in the house - as usual - she has to go get it there first. or when the iPhone is...
the 18K gold case might add $1000-$2000 to the price depending on its weight, but $10,000 is ridiculous. watches in that price level are very limited production status symbols, and the Apple Watch is a mass production product instead meant to sell in the millions, even the gold ones. but of course there will be riots in China when it goes on sale - for the status of being first to own one. my big concern is the risk of being mugged for them. watches are very easy to rip...
so how about talking about "what's really going on here ..."?   i think it's plain the tablet market is revealing itself to be different than smartphones. in the US and other markets that are based mainly on two year telco contracts starting with a partial down payment, most get a new phone every two years because their monthly rate does not automatically drop after that, even tho the phone itself is all paid for. and there is a real used phone sale option too (most go...
do IDC and Gartner ever correct their numbers after actual reports like Apple's?
no, you just don't understand. these SS results prove even more that Apple is in trouble! Because, something. just wait until Bloomberg exposes the truth!
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