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you're on to something. but what SS really needed, forked android or not, was its own ecosystem. and it made feeble attempts to develop one, but ultimately gave up. so it remains dependent on Google's just like all the other first-world OEM's, and trapped in their collective profit race to the bottom. the new cheap-o OEM's are really making feature/web phones no matter how smart they technically are, and their immense second/third world markets don't need any single...
 aw, they haven't all given up! the Verge, certainly an AA bastion, actually manged to print this final paragraph in its quickly-buried post about Samsung's bad news: "Of course slightly slower profit growth is far from the worst problem a company can have. To a degree, the blaring Bloomberg headline is a narrative for professional investors, not a warning to consumers. Apple has been dinged in the past for the same issues — when you're booking record profits, dips like...
but but but but ... Android is winning! all the smart guys on all the hip web sites (sorry, AI) say so - over and over and over and over ...
baloney. it's EBay's incompetent management that is holding back PayPal. choose Samsung over Apple as a lead digital wallet partner? really?
DED's basic point that overall the iPhone is a much superior gaming platform is plainly the fact (with iPad update to match coming in a few weeks). of course it's the overall combination of hardware and software that decides that, no single item or spec, and the real-life quality of games that you can actually buy today.   the droid fans here and there clutch at their straws about one detail or another, citing best case examples of a half-dozen different models that...
 is there any other likely way to accdientally bend any phone other than sitting on one in your back pocket? is doing that anything other than "operator error"? like ... doing something real dumb? do some people do dumb things like that? yes, definitely. so ok, yes, such folks should not buy an iPhone. actually, they shouldn't buy any smartphone unless they can afford to replace it after breaking it. or just get some armor-plated case for it. so f'ing what?
 no, those of us with a lot of common sense just never put ANY phone in our back pocket at all, let alone sit on it.
nah, just bitter basement boys.
Big Picture:   All the trumped up FUD articles and Apple-product-bashing TV ads are having the exact opposite impact than Samsung, MS, and the rest of their sponsors want - they have clearly identified Apple products as the ones to beat in the public's mind. $Billions worth of free publicity. and so when people actually get their hands on one and see how damned good it really is, they want it.
yup. buy it's hard to tell the difference between the paid fakes and the bitter basement boys.
New Posts  All Forums: