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MS/Windows fans are thrilled to hear Windows 8 will do "everything" on a tablet - run both desktop applications and tablet apps. it's the culmination of a decade of MS' efforts to bring desktop Windows to a tablet. but there is a problem: that's not what 90% of consumers want. mostly they might like to be able to run Office on a tablet without all the other complications of a desktop OS. so they can use all their desktop computer's Office files easily back and forth,...
this is an alpha release, so it is a long way from a finished product. but the basic idea is clear: it's a kitchen sink mess with pretty colors. MS didn't get the memo (or Ballmer can't read): the digital future is about simplifying our lives, not making them more complicated.
if this is what the new "4S" offers, that's a great "spec bump." the ecosystem is growing in relative market importance, while the hardware - as long as it is up to date for upgraded telco services - is becoming more standardized. but even then, there is more to camera quality than hardware megapixels - software really makes a big difference too, and Apple's camera processing software is among the very best. and maybe some gadget junkies buy a new phone every year to have...
yeah it really bugs me too. the improved memory management will retain the web page for up to (?) old pages without forcing a reload.
it's been reliably reported that AT&T is upgrading its hardware at some Apple stores. they certainly would be installing the latest stuff. that makes AT&T LTE support at least a very good bet. i don't know the technicalities involved, but Apple would be smart to have iPhone 5 "4G Ready" for all the new high speed data services being deployed now or next year by all the telcos. we'll see.
but but you need it for True Multitasking! (been enjoying that topic on the other thread this morning).
don't you know that is one thing that iOS 5 specifically takes care of?
the spec bumps will be quite impressive, but not "freak out" stuff. faster processor, improved battery, improved retina display, first CDMA/GSM world phone, LTE at least, great camera. and iOS 5, with all its convenience improvements, will be a tremendously popular update. but the big news this time is the Apple Ecosystem. iCloud, iTunes Match, AirPlay/Mirroring, etc.. these will greatly expand what you can do with all your Apple products and how they seamlessly work with...
yes. as Samsung is showing with Bada, WebOS needs a company that (1) is not looking for WebOS to be its immediate savior (2) but is willing to stick with it and develop it over the course of years, building up an inventory of products gradually. HTC fits that criteria. or Toshiba. (but not Sony, altho they might buy it in desperation anyway, given how Sony's long time dependence on Windows and now Android too for all its smart hardware has totally failed to sell those...
The White Flag Goes Up at Adobe HQ. Bye Bye Flash. We Won't Miss You.
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