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translation: "Apple just kicked out butts, we're up sh*t creek without a paddle, and don't know WTF to do."
we are looking at more of Ballmer's last hurrah. whatever bribe he offered Delta, the Surface (RT) 2 is DOA. there won't be any 2 or 3 for Delta IT whores to use next year at all. the next MS CEO is going to bury this sad misadventure. MS will double down on the Pro because that is Gates' folly, and he ain't gone - yet. but the RT is a total dead end.
 some guys we hear are even whipping it out ...
 the reason - surely the thought occurred to you - is that NO ONE LEAVES THEIR KNUCKLE PRINTS ANYWHERE ANYWAY, SILLY! so it would be totally useless to the FBI et al. like total cosmic duh. which is also why knuckle prints are excellent security for a person's own (finger)print reader device.
i can now report that, as i thought when posting above, you can use your knuckle print with Touch ID. i just set it up and it works fine.   so in fact the hack that defeats Touch ID can itself be defeated by anyone who wants to. just don't use your fingertips.   but you're not going to read that simple solution in the tech media. that's not the story they want to write.   (and since this comment is days late, probably no one at AI will figure it out either.)
 exactly. but not just the third party retail facts. his starting assumption that half of the 9 million iPhones total were 5c's has no basis either, and in fact available evidence shows it's wrong. Apple certainly knows the ratio of last two years' model sales to the current year's. mostly recently the 4 vs. the 4s vs. the 5. they would have used that to project continued 4s and 5c sales. actually AI published a detailed article about this topic just two months ago (i...
Philip Elmer-DeWitt over at CNN Money offers an excellent fact-based analysis of the Munster/Misek BS.   http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/2013/09/25/apple-analysts-iphone-kerfuffle/   he points out shipments to third party retailers like Best Buy are recorded as "sales" by Apple. but if those stores sell out that stock right away - as occurred except for some number of 5c's - that is not "channel stuffing."   he also points out the very important fact the DED omitted that...
 yup. his everyday life is probably full of people who blow smoke up his butt and tell him how brilliant he is ... (they need their jobs).
well, i'd like to turn our attention to Joe Wilcox. that guy is a true piece of work, a true "hack." a lifelong MS sycophant, he's written dozens of contrived posts bashing Apple. but this one might be the most ludicrous ever - and that's saying something. and he's beyond claim chowder - he just ignores everything he's written that turns out utterly wrong. there is so much of it, why bother?   what's really great is knowing how the huge success of the 5s combined with...
 you still actually discussed none of their report's contents. maybe they stacked the deck as you assume. or maybe iOS is just better. the answer lies in the contents themselves, not your innuendos.
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