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there is no question IDC provides paid services to MS, that's a fact. eg, see this EULA, search for "IDC". they provide financial info for a lot of MS services. i have to assume they get paid for that.http://explore.live.com/microsoft-se...ement?ref=none their conflict of interest is blatant. but web "journalism" ethics are so pathetic anyway that no on calls them out for it.
IDC reports OEM shipments as if they were actual sales. of course they are not. and that is what their market totals are based on. so they're junk numbers. Apple just reports actual sales. i haven't seen any other OEM report of actual tablet sales to consumers/businesses. gee, i wonder why. IDC is the same outfit that predicts Windows Phone 7 will overtake the iPhone in sales in two years. while also getting paid by MS for services of some kind. gee, i wonder why.
sure. Google is not shy about blatently copying other companies successful products/services. and to be fair it invents/adds more of its own, like Google Voice. and all its voice UI stuff. A Google version of FaceTime based on your Google address book makes total sense. there is more to Skype, but Google wants to be your one stop shop for everything to do with communication and search. why wouldn't they go for it?
boy, are you missing the action. Google's ambitions go far beyond its extensive cloud services, and social is its main target today. which means Facebook. the widespread Google cloud is a great starting point for the attack. it already does a lot more useful communication/location things than Facebook can. meanwhile, Facebook's kid genius thinks he can rule the social world and then expand beyond that into ... and thereby be the next Google. or bigger. Skype is a utility,...
Apple is social platform agnostic. all its own social services - Gamecenter, Ping, the new MobileMe, and now Twitter - are offered as conveniences for Apple hardware owners, not as competition with Google or Facebook. same with FaceTime, there is no competition with Skype. Apple just wants good apps from them all. think strategically and get it clear: the War is Facebook vs. Google.
does/will Skype let you swtich back and forth to the forward facing camera image while on a call, like FaceTime does? i dunno. that comes in handy.
the Death Match for control of the "social web" of the future is Google vs. Facebook. both want to become your entrenched home page for everything you do on the web (like AOL and then Yahoo tried some years back). and "social" seems to be the best approach right now. and then monetize it all of course. MS also had such hopes once ... but never really pulled much together beyond XBox Live for hard core gamers (aka males under 30). Google has an advantage with Android and...
it will be fun to check back after the announcements to see who was closer. i was just guessing, but you've put your pundit rep on the line.
it's fun to guess: 1. iOS 5 and iICloud will get the big emphasis, very consumer focused. lots of goodies there. 2. Certainly the iPhone 5. like most I expect a spec bumped iPhone 4 with a bigger screen and better camera. only really new feature might be RFID. but only if Apple has some deal set up to make it widely usable in the real world. otherwise, Apple will wait until it is. 3. a new 5.5" iPod touch model, along with spec bumps to the current 3.5" model. it...
without knowing the actual total of unduplicated devices that accessed the Android market that single week, you can't assume it is 2.8% of all Android devices, grand total, ever sold/activated. some fraction are no longer in use. another fraction did not happen to access the market that week. but even more, tablets most likely access the market at a significantly higher rate than smartphones (all the Galaxy tab and other 7" tabs can use are smartphone Android 2.x apps...
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