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Gruber is pretty much full of himself. like today. reminds me of the pompous old Cringley. the web does this to some people. iPad 3, when it comes early next year as usual, will certainly be a big technical leap ahead of what Apple has done before, and everything else in the market (like the iPhone 3GS was two years after the original 2G). the two huge advances that would be such breakthroughs are the much rumored retina display and a carbon fiber shell that cut the...
actually, tho larger than Apple by total revenues, in December HP reported it only had $11 billion in cash/equivalents, versus $22 billion in debt. whereas Apple last month reported $60 billion in cash/equivalents and $-0- debt!!so, no, as a matter of fact HP CANNOT match Apple's ability to quickly lay out billions in advance to nail down its supply chain at best price. no one in the world can.
so who is going to buy an iPad clone from HP for about the same price but without an ecosystem equal to Apple's, or even Googles', to support it? of course it has some nice details. like optional virtual keyboard layouts. hope Apple incorporates some good ideas from HP and Android too in iOS later this year. one big opportunity Apple can leverage with iOS this year or next is a much expanded Apple TV, or even an Apple HDTV. HP is not ready for that at all (Google is...
the European regulators would never let an American company buy Nokia. just like the Canadian regulators would never let one buy RIM either. but they both might go with a "merger" with an Asian company.
everyone should read the full memo: http://www.engadget.com/2011/02/08/n...honest-burnin/ great take on the market by someone who is not an Apple or Android fan, but instead is getting whipped by both. as he points out repeatedly, it's really all about the ecosystems. combined, Nokia and MS do have plenty of ecosystem pieces. MS always has. and its enterprise ecosystem is still tops. but it has never been able to put it all together seamlessly - unless your XBox...
oops! 8.08" x 6.06" is NOT a 16:9 aspect. that's 4:3 too. the aspect is the physical dimensions, no matter what the dpi specs, ignore them. so a 16:9 Xoom screen will measure about 8.8" x 5.0". which totals 44" sq area. if the aspect is actually 16:10 viewable, then it would be about 8.5"x5.4" = 46" sq.safe to say the total screen area of the Xoom is about the same as the iPad.
good points. just would add, since i've needed to routinely be out and about with a shoulder brief bag for the last 15 years for all my stuff, the iPad is great for using anywhere. so my wife has the phone. also, very little comment elsewhere about 16:9 vs. 4:3 for tablet screens. yes, i think 4:3 is more versatile, and is simply better for web viewing in particular. which is the #1 use of any tablet. Since apparently ALL Android tabs will be 16:9, we will find out how...
all this argumentative reply proves is that you don't grasp the difference either.
don't you realize all these attributes you cite make the Android tab much more like a standard old fashioned computer OS? but tablets are not for power users. if you want that, Aplle wants to sell you a MacBook Air. tablets are about simplifying life - the key factor that obviously the complexity-loving Android fans will never grasp.
ah, grumpy old men! haven't you figured out yet it is basic human nature to grouse about the latest hot new thing, whatever it is? until you actually try it, that is, and discover it is pretty good after all. which is why you see other old guys with them.
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