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no, but it comes in handy if it is the only camera you got to use when you need to. or you just want to take a quick snap of something to email without bothering with a real camera and then transferring files. i've done both several times now (my wife has the iPhone).
you don't know that. no one does. Samsung has refused to release actual sales figures. they must be too embarrasing. all we know is they manufactured and shipped 2.1 million. and said sales were "smooth." i bet you they actually sold less than 500,000 - a huge flop.
just like the Samsung Galaxy, the reviewers all list major problems for the first version of the TouchPad, while praising its good points. but the problems are fatal! which they just don't come out and say. instead they hopefully suggest they can be fixed ... in the indefinite future. even the obviously DOA RIM PlayBook. yeah, maybe. but an honest review would conclude you'd be foolish to buy one now, until they do. either buy an iPad, or just wait, would be the...
you only need to buy a $100 AppleTV to add AirPlay to your fancy sound system now. so we are really just talking about portable and tabletop products, and their convenience factor. i see iHome has added a full product page for the Airplay iW1 speaker they have been touting for months. still says "Coming Soon" tho, you can't buy one. http://www.ihomeaudio.com/iW1BC/ for $300 they promise a unit with a set of good features that i will actually use. a nice...
maybe Apple will team up with some OEM to build ATV into HDTV's. there is some advantage to that for dummy consumers - the majority. but what would really sell ATV's faster pronto is to build it into Airport Extreme. every home needs a wifi/router hub. adding ATV would mean one less box and a lot more capabilities for a mere $100 more. the AirPlay mirroring combo with iPad iOS 5 will be the Big New Thing that ignites sales.
you got it right. i dunno if all the other OEM's already pay Nokia the standard fee for this necessary license. if not, they will now. and Nokia needs all the cash flow they can get these days.
totally correct. but as usual, the media and blogs completely ignore these actual facts of the matter and are reporting a Nokia victory in court. we are in an era of determined media stupidity pretending to be journalism.
hate? the Wii was innovative and fun when it first came out. no argument. but then Nintendo got arrogant due to that success and went stagnant, focusing mainly on adding more accessories. when instead it needed to upgrade the core system without delay. as to the high-priced game business model that both Nintendo and Sony PSP milked for big profits for years at the expense of parents around the world, yes Apple iOS killed it for casual games. thank god.
i got the iPad HDMI dongle and played Real Racing on a big screen using a long cable. it works and is impressive. but ... the dongle gets loose easily and the cable is a major distraction. it's not really a good everyday game set up. and single player only. whereas ... with wifi those problems are totally obviated and multiplayer games become possible. the potential is huge. btw, iPad screen mirroring is super duper for web browsing on a big screen TV. i've used HTPC's...
your fourth option is a good idea. but the fifth is apps. the TiVo and Xfinity apps already let you control some viewing functions from an iPad, but not all. so the other approach is for TV OEM's to offer their own apps too, including universal CATV codes, replacing and improving the old school IR remote. Apple has said it will license AirPlay, so that can be included. i think this is most likely of all options to happen.
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