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i got the iPad HDMI dongle and played Real Racing on a big screen using a long cable. it works and is impressive. but ... the dongle gets loose easily and the cable is a major distraction. it's not really a good everyday game set up. and single player only. whereas ... with wifi those problems are totally obviated and multiplayer games become possible. the potential is huge. btw, iPad screen mirroring is super duper for web browsing on a big screen TV. i've used HTPC's...
your fourth option is a good idea. but the fifth is apps. the TiVo and Xfinity apps already let you control some viewing functions from an iPad, but not all. so the other approach is for TV OEM's to offer their own apps too, including universal CATV codes, replacing and improving the old school IR remote. Apple has said it will license AirPlay, so that can be included. i think this is most likely of all options to happen.
maybe, but now they've jumped the shark. they needed a Wii HD in 2010 before Sony and MS caught up and passed them by with the Move and Kinect, not 2012. four years ago the Wii broke through to the family market, but now they are devolving back to just the grade school market. tweens, teens, and adults don't want a toy iPad, they want the real thing.
hard core gamers will want the Vita and are willing to pay premium prices for their big name games. so it certainly has a viable market segment. but the full cost of the Vita is not just the hardware price, you have to add the game titles too. it adds up fast. but everyone else who uses iTunes (70%) of the market) will want an iPod touch, especially a larger 5"+ version likely to come this Fall too. all its great inexpensive games and everything else iOS can do, plus now...
in the last two years Apple has introduced the touch UI Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad for desktops. getting us ready ... also Apple has standardized all its displays @ 16:9 aspect. which would work good with apps that run on Apple TV, if we ever get those. not to say i expect this all to happen, but it means it all could.
Soon? like in a year or two? that's "soon"? or is it actually vaporware, hypeware, promiseware, or whatever you call something that doesn't really exist yet? along with all its non-existant apps. oh yeah, a demo. bullsh*t might be more accurate.and after Jobs mops the floor with MS next week, it will be patheticware.
why would being able to run many iOS apps on your Mac hurt sales of either? making iOS apps even more useful than now, and therefore Apple hardware of all kinds more useful than now. it would be a bonus, not a loss. got a reason for your declaration that makes any sense?btw, your desktop's fixed location can be specified by you, no GPS needed. for MacBooks, Apple might add GPS and 3G in future models anyway for obvious reasons.
huh? imagine having iOS apps running on your Mac desktop/laptop (those that don't need a gyro) instead of today's widgets in Dashboard. they would be vastly superior in function, and there are so many more. also accessing an app's database from both desktop and iOS device for whatever your are using it for. would be very handy. would sell more of both macs and iOS devices.
i was supposing Apple would build the emulator into Lion itself. or maybe sell it as an add on.
not so fast. correct that it cannot run as a native OS on such hardware, but it may be possible via a new version of iOS emulator software.
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