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huh? imagine having iOS apps running on your Mac desktop/laptop (those that don't need a gyro) instead of today's widgets in Dashboard. they would be vastly superior in function, and there are so many more. also accessing an app's database from both desktop and iOS device for whatever your are using it for. would be very handy. would sell more of both macs and iOS devices.
i was supposing Apple would build the emulator into Lion itself. or maybe sell it as an add on.
not so fast. correct that it cannot run as a native OS on such hardware, but it may be possible via a new version of iOS emulator software.
what a petty, small jibe. this is a web forum for heavensake, not a test in precision grammar. the word worldwide is used often in the general way that solipism did. you don't like it, too bad.
well, ignoring the problem is not a good answer. i've no doubt that bank teller and gas station touch controls are prime vectors too for spreading illnesses that are typically gotten via hand to nose/mouth contact. like colds and flu. it's not an epidemic, i didn't say that. it is just how those diseases are most often transmitted. i don't know how often the display screens are wiped by staff. i bet they use a sanitizer wipe tho.
Observations: - the amount of product info you can access on the iPads is very limited. much less than product info on the Apple website. no specs, etc. that was disappointing. - somehow the iPad touchscreen works through a layer of lucite on top of it. how does that work? - i didn't use the Call Staff button, but that is a welcome addition. - Apple needs to install hand sanitizers at every table. seriously. this is a great way to spread colds, flu, etc. -...
maybe we should be asking some basic questions: - are the mags simply selling PDF-like copies of their print issues, like Zinio offers, or purposely reformatted versions like the New Yorker iPad app? what is the underlying software? - ok, we know they will mine your personal data. but why do the publishers believe Android users will actually pay for digital subscriptions? Playboy, ok, but Esquire, seriously? if print media app sales for the iPad are...
this is a real threat to Windows/Office Home Edition in the low-end consumer market. and that is a big deal by itself. assuming it works well and is not just another Google beta product. it is a huge threat to MS if Google can also offer an effective replacement to Exchange. we'll see. but no clamshell product is a threat to any tablet, including the iPad. different markets. except for education, but even then entertainment use at home is a factor. you don't want to use...
putting Nokia's obsolete Symbian "smartphones" in the same category with iOS (and Android) smartphones is plain stupid. same is true of the RIM BB phones except the Storm and Torch.
it amazes me how nearly all the (so-called) pundits and analysts totally miss the crucial role of the retail stores in Apple's "ecosystem." they add a unique human element to everything Apple. someone to answer questions knowledgeably when you are investigating products. someone to help you at no charge when you have a problem. immediate warranty service when necessary. plenty of time (usually) for hands-on exploration of new products. no annoying salesperson...
New Posts  All Forums: