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the European regulators would never let an American company buy Nokia. just like the Canadian regulators would never let one buy RIM either. but they both might go with a "merger" with an Asian company.
everyone should read the full memo: http://www.engadget.com/2011/02/08/n...honest-burnin/ great take on the market by someone who is not an Apple or Android fan, but instead is getting whipped by both. as he points out repeatedly, it's really all about the ecosystems. combined, Nokia and MS do have plenty of ecosystem pieces. MS always has. and its enterprise ecosystem is still tops. but it has never been able to put it all together seamlessly - unless your XBox...
oops! 8.08" x 6.06" is NOT a 16:9 aspect. that's 4:3 too. the aspect is the physical dimensions, no matter what the dpi specs, ignore them. so a 16:9 Xoom screen will measure about 8.8" x 5.0". which totals 44" sq area. if the aspect is actually 16:10 viewable, then it would be about 8.5"x5.4" = 46" sq.safe to say the total screen area of the Xoom is about the same as the iPad.
good points. just would add, since i've needed to routinely be out and about with a shoulder brief bag for the last 15 years for all my stuff, the iPad is great for using anywhere. so my wife has the phone. also, very little comment elsewhere about 16:9 vs. 4:3 for tablet screens. yes, i think 4:3 is more versatile, and is simply better for web viewing in particular. which is the #1 use of any tablet. Since apparently ALL Android tabs will be 16:9, we will find out how...
all this argumentative reply proves is that you don't grasp the difference either.
don't you realize all these attributes you cite make the Android tab much more like a standard old fashioned computer OS? but tablets are not for power users. if you want that, Aplle wants to sell you a MacBook Air. tablets are about simplifying life - the key factor that obviously the complexity-loving Android fans will never grasp.
ah, grumpy old men! haven't you figured out yet it is basic human nature to grouse about the latest hot new thing, whatever it is? until you actually try it, that is, and discover it is pretty good after all. which is why you see other old guys with them.
you're right. except for hard core fandroids, no one will pay a premium price for any Android tab. they'll want the real Apple thing if they spend $500+. but budget buyers will buy a $300 Asus tab when they work OK. leaving MR and SS trapped into another race to the bottom. all that will kill is profits.
well, there might be hope even now. if Apple were going to provide its own group of widgets for iPad2 (you would be able to select what notifications/services/info to push/aggregate for a given kind of widget in its app settings), there would be no hint of that in the 4.3 OS beta. it would be something that got unveiled as a surprise at the launch announcement, like iBooks was. i'm sure the launch event is coming sometime this month ... so we'll know soon.
what's hard to understand? my point is Apple iOS and the iPad prioritize simplicity of use, limiting its possible uses as a trade off ("curated"). whereas Android Honeycomb prioritizes maximizing possibilities of use, making it more complicated to use as a trade off ("open"). take your own pick. but most consumers are not techies and so will choose simplicity. i'm a hobbyist myself, but after 25 years of fiddling with computers i've gotten tired messing with it all and...
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