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made 'em up.
btw, has anyone else noticed the visual tricks Samsung is using in its Galaxy tab ads to make it look bigger than it really is? all the forced perspective shots where a hand and tab stand out in close up against a receding background view? and a guy in the ad holding it who is definitely on the small side? cheap tricks.
yeah, there will certainly be some market for 5"-7" tabs. probably never more than 10% of all tablets. but there are always some consumers who prioritize small size and light weight. for that group, would not surprise me to see a 5.5" iPod touch someday.
Vaporware by definition is something that never actually solidfies into an actual product for sale. so yeah, Cook is trash talking when using that term for definitely upcoming tablets. Promiseware or futureware or hypeware woulda been more accurate. guess he just wanted to show Apple has its game on.
yeah. and a big question is what does this do to Chrome OS later this year? launching a new product like that which can't support the "whole web" is really a problem. the iPad proved you don't need Flash. apps can deal with media delivery directly and on their own - and better. but a browser dependent OS mandates always using Flash as middleware to get H264 content.
MPEGLA needs to sue the first major OEM to install Chrome with WebM, to send a very clear message. and Apple needs to just buy Adobe and put Flash (and Acrobat) out of its misery.
'flinging' (or whatever it's called) 4:3 1024x768 iPad apps to display on an HDTV screen via AirPlay/AppleTV would be good, but not great. i suppose horizontal anamorphic compression could be used to expand its aspect to 16:9 (like some DVD's do). whereas a native AppleTV app would almost certainly be 16:9 1280x720, and displaying that on an iPad screen somehow would require downscaling the image to 1024x576. none of these options is top notch, and i just can't see Jobs...
For Chrome browser (and Chrome OS too) it won't really matter. presumably some plugin will be available for them to play H264 media, as there is now for Firefox. so techies will be ok, altho this will slow its overall consumer growth. ironically, Google won't be able to claim they offer "the whole web" without native H264 support. that could really hurt Chrome OS.and because WebM is just not ready for mobile devices yet, there is no chance Android will drop H264 support...
dropping H264 support from the Chrome browser weakens Chrome competitively, as it already has done to FireFox (as DED notes). because there are other good browsers available. but it strengthens Flash as the media player of last resort, especially for mobile devices that simply can't play WebM well at all (assuming Adobe improves Flash soon as promised again and again). which is probably what Google intends. Flash is about the only difference with iOS in Android's favor...
i've always liked widgets. ever since Apple introduced the concept on the desktop with -?- OS X Tiger. which MS finally copied in Vista. now that app folders let you save plenty of screen real estate, the next iOS update should certainly enable them for iPhone and iPad. Android has in fact shown their potential, and Windows Phone 7 really is built around them - the "tiles." don't be stubborn, Steve.
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