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drat, I forgot there was an ipod specific thread.... Mods, feel free to delete this thread \ Thanks for the heads up!
iPod Shuffle Wow! Didn't think they'd do this! Hhmmmm.... Do you think they're going to come out with something new???
You can download it HERE at Microsoft's site. But before you do, look HERE. Read the Apple Computers part (down in the middle of the page). SP3 is compatible with Apple computers, but you have to follow those steps to make it work, otherwise you'll get an Error. Just thought I'd give you all a heads up!
Thanks, but that link doesn't give me any help.... I can't find any drivers or anything Anybody else want to just take a minute and share what camera you used with these programs???
I've got a Logitech Orb, but it doesn't work with Skype or iChat. The OS doesn't even recognize it. What webcams work? I prefer Logitech cams, but others are ok to.
Wow, that was weird... it installed it this time. Humf, wonder why it didn't before? Well thanks Marvin!!
Please help me! I don't know what file I'm missing!
I was just updating my Mac mini, and before it asked to restart I get this: Is there a file I need to restore? I have time machine hooked up, and should have a backup somewhere.
I have noticed lately that safari takes a while to open too.... It crashes every once in a while. One thing that really bugs me is that after searching through Newegg.com for about 30 minutes it stops showing the pictures and the website gets all distorted Anybody having similar problems?
You guys this really works! I watching it right now!
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