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You people will believe anything!
The day is soon coming where you will be ashamed to be seen with and iPhone! Trust me. Microsoft labs basement level -12 has been working on ZunePhone for years now and it will totally blow away anything out there. Fortunately we will be giving a $50 trade-in credit to anyone upgrading to the ZunePhone! We care FSB
Apple hates you!~
I know the admins here don't like it when I do something like this, but I know I am too popular to bann, so here goes: PEOPLE! iPads? iPhones? iMacs? REALLY!? People are laughing at you people behind your backs right under your nose! The world is run on Microsoft products and that is simply a statement of FACT! Don't you want to stop being the oddball? Don't you want the other kids to stop teasing yours? Don't you want to be just like 91.624% of the...
GET A PC! They are cheap!
Wait for the ZunePad people!
Why would anybody in there right mind buy anything called Mini? SHEESH!
This was really needed! As most of apple's software is agregiously buggy and virus prone. HOWEVER, MobileMe is far from what the average MSN user consider tollerable!
These things are Chicom slave camps! When are you people gonna stop enslaving people?
At long last, the Zune Phone is here. Microsoft isn't calling it that--apparently it thought the name Windows Phone 7 Series rolled off the tongue a bit more easily--but the next generation of Microsoft's smartphone software not only features the entire Zune HD software and services experience (just like the iPod became a component of the iPhone), but the entire user interface itself bears a close resemblance to the Zune HD. To be clear, Microsoft isn't building the...
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