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Then Siri needs a smarter brain and more functionality. Far too often I will ask questions and Siri is unable to help me with an answer. Just yesterday I asked how many miles was Washington D.C. away from me and instead of giving me the answer she mapped a route. I asked the Google voice assistant the same question and got the answer immediately. maybe not the best example but there are many other times I have tried with equally bad results. Siri is good at what she does...
You gotta know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away, know when to run.... You had a good run RIM but I think the writing is on the wall.
Don't quote me but I think I heard they are using the latest tech from http://www.udcoled.com/    I haven't seen a GS6 display in person yet but the reviews have been pretty impressive. Not dissatisfied with my iPhone display but I think OLED has improved enough to the point that Apple can at least consider it as a replacement. Soli made a good point about resolutions so maybe they are waiting until the iPhone 7 in 2017. I'm in no hurry either way. 
I haven't owned an Android since I bought my iPhone 4S years ago so a little out of the loop. Does that mean these apps are still impossible to remove without rooting? The last Android phone I owned I rooted to free up space from pre-installed bloatware.   I am guessing Instagram and Microsoft are paying for this privilege. 
I love my iPhone 6+ but have no animosity towards OLED like some here. Both LCD and OLED have their pros and cons so no need to rehash them for the gazillionth time. But for MY personal use and preference, I would like to see Apple move to OLED in the future. In the past there were legitimate reasons not to, but those issues have largely been addressed in the newest OLED displays. 
The style and size of the face will change. Plus that would be tedious to do. I think a much better option is to have a trade-in option for the gold watches where they give you a credit towards the purchase of a new one. They could then just melt the gold from the old ones.  Any idea how many actual grams of gold these will contain? It doesn't appear to be that much just from the photos. 
Am I the only one wondering why the band isn't also gold at that price or is it?
Apple, you gave me some scary days pre-split when the stock tanked. But boy have you skyrocketed since then. I took a risky move and added a lot  to my position on margin when it tanked. The interest rate wasn't all that bad since my dividends basically paid for the margin rate. I just sold a few of those off to pay off my margin account to zero and managed to add 850 shares to my position for free. High risk but high reward
Is it as good as the iPhone? Hell to the no! But is it better than the Galaxy S5? I think yes.    As others have already said this phone is taking a lot of cues from the iPhone. No removable battery, no SD, metal, and even the design. I will say that I am jealous of one feature and that is the screen size. I think 5.1" is the perfect size for a smartphone. I ended up getting the iPhone 6 plus because of the much better battery life and also because I though the 6 was...
$120 is nice but $200 is even better. Keep kicking ass AAPL and sorry I ever doubted you Tim. 
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