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Just a point of clarification...I was trying to simply give him a reference point. That is the closest the U.S. came to a chaebol. 
You are confusing Chaebol with a Korean and indeed most of Asian cultural norm of saving face and not showing up your boss. Two different things entirely. Think of a Chaebol like the old Standard Oil and other big monopolies the U.S. used to have before they were broken up by Teddy Roosevelt in 1911. They are massive companies with many divisions and exert tremendous political influence. In Japan they are called Keiretsu and before that Zaibatsu. The Chaebol was a result...
Samsung needs to focus on markets where Apple won't compete. Send more R&D money to their refrigerator and washing machine engineers and just realize they lost the phone war.
When the larger iPhone 6 was still a rumor this was already easy to guess. Anecdotal evidence is not always accurate but for several years nearly every Android owning friend told me their main reason for buying it was the display size. They thought the 4" display of the iPhone was simply too small. Nearly all of them have either switched or will switch once their update date arrives.    Once Apple increased the display size it broke down the only remaining barrier to...
I like the idea of an optional stylus as an accessory. iOS is still just as finger friendly as ever but adding a stylus will give some new options and flexibility. Is it safe to assume this would work across the entire iOS line and include iPhones as well? 
 Nothing is hack proof and I never said otherwise. But all the various exploits and trojans used in this specific Sony hack were Windows based. The main two were a SMB worm and WMI a tool for managing large Windows based systems. But I am also aware Apple has retreated a bit from corporate use and servers so I am not sure if a company wanted to go "Mac-heavy" if that is even possible anymore. If not, then maybe this hack will make Tim Cook rethink getting back into the...
I did some digging and read about the types of exploits and discovered these were indeed Windows specific hacks as I suspected. I even wrote an article about it. I wonder how many companies might consider buying Macs after this hack?   Would Sony Have Been hacked if They Used Macs?  
I can't stand Seth Rogan and never have so I didn't have any interest in the movie before the hack. But the idea that some sociopathic dictator can actually impact free speech here is not a precedent we want to allow.    By the way, I wonder if this hack that they used to get into Sony was Windows based? I wonder if Sony had been using Macs instead if this hack would have worked to this degree. Thoughts....
Disappointed that Apple didn't agree to stream this as well. 
Don't forget perfect  vision to be able to read the small fonts inside apps where you can't increase font size without that horribly annoying zoom function. It is so much easier to read type within apps now on  my 6+. 
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