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Yeah and you might have a point if my speediest was slow which it wasn't. I can do all those things as well and pay half as much as you pay and also get unlimited data to boot. What are you limited to, around 2.5GB? You won't be uploading too many photos with that crappy limit. Your trolling in the iMessage thread and many other threads shows you are not interested in conversation as much as simply trolling. 
Your guess is as good as mine. But I do know that SVLTE is very gimmicky with some poor tradeoffs and we both know Apple doesn't like those type of compromises. Verizon is the only one who has decided to run dual transmission paths for LTE and pay the price accordingly to allow SVLTE.  This is not a network issue, it is a device issue. The more bands you add, it becomes more and more difficult and expensive to try to keep dual path transmission for LTE and a 3G voice...
SVLTE is a dead technology that is simply a rather poor bandaid approach until VoLTE arrives. It relies on 1XRTT which is a 2G technology for voice and if you have ever spoken to someone on Verizon while they used data you probably noticed how poor the audio quality sounded. And not all phones have that feature as you suggested. The ones that did only did so as a last ditch effort to try and stem iPhone sales. It didn't work.  Apple has no need to implement a band aid...
I know how large Australia is since I have visited several times and driven all the way down the coast from Cairns to Sydney over a 3 week drive. But your point has nothing whatsoever to do with addressing the fact that those areas in purple that represent LTE cover a very tiny area of the country which is understandable since you have a very large country with a very small population not much larger than Florida and smaller than Texas or California . Once you leave the...
I am sure you did and I am also sure they were on Wifi. You specifically said SVDO and that is not possible any longer since it requires two radios. Now SVLTE is a completely other thing entirely but that is not what you originally said. Are you now trying to say you meant SVLTE? http://www.sonlte.com/2012/03/26/notes-on-simultaneous-voice-and-lte-svlte/
Not true again. Better check your facts. Only a few phones could and the same ones that could on Verizon also worked with SVDO on Sprint.  http://forums.androidcentral.com/verizon-samsung-galaxy-s4/269176-svdo-verizon.html http://www.usoftphone.com/t187753.html
Not true.The Samsung Galaxy S5 has one CDMA radio for its cellular capabilities. To talk and surf the web at the same time, you will have to be on Wi-Fi as it will use two different chips to transmit voice/data. That was true of the S3 and a few other models a few years back but not any longer since they thought it a waste of money to include two radios now that VoLTE is coming. 
Who exactly are you even arguing with. I never made any of those assertions and nether did the guy I was responding too. Everyone wants fast data and I would assume all would also want unlimited data at a reasonable price. You might want to go back and read the posts again because you clearly were responding to a perceived argument and not one actually uttered by me at least. 
Hope you enjoy using that fast 4G in the few square miles in Australia where Vodafone offers it. And since I don't run a web server from my iPhone I would love to hear how you put that 42 Mb/s upload speed to any practical use given that Vodafone only offers around 2.5GB of data a month at the high end or am I mistaken. We have more LTE towers in my one state than Vodafone has in all of Australia. I pay $50 for unlimited LTE data and I can actually use it all over the...
 We live in the real world and not theoretical world. Didn't HSPA+ have a theoretical peek speed of around 168Mbps? How many times did anyone ever come close to getting anywhere near that? I am also pretty sure Asian and European carriers did just as much to distort these speeds so blaming America seems rather naive. 
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