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Not true again. Better check your facts. Only a few phones could and the same ones that could on Verizon also worked with SVDO on Sprint.  http://forums.androidcentral.com/verizon-samsung-galaxy-s4/269176-svdo-verizon.html http://www.usoftphone.com/t187753.html
Not true.The Samsung Galaxy S5 has one CDMA radio for its cellular capabilities. To talk and surf the web at the same time, you will have to be on Wi-Fi as it will use two different chips to transmit voice/data. That was true of the S3 and a few other models a few years back but not any longer since they thought it a waste of money to include two radios now that VoLTE is coming. 
Who exactly are you even arguing with. I never made any of those assertions and nether did the guy I was responding too. Everyone wants fast data and I would assume all would also want unlimited data at a reasonable price. You might want to go back and read the posts again because you clearly were responding to a perceived argument and not one actually uttered by me at least. 
Hope you enjoy using that fast 4G in the few square miles in Australia where Vodafone offers it. And since I don't run a web server from my iPhone I would love to hear how you put that 42 Mb/s upload speed to any practical use given that Vodafone only offers around 2.5GB of data a month at the high end or am I mistaken. We have more LTE towers in my one state than Vodafone has in all of Australia. I pay $50 for unlimited LTE data and I can actually use it all over the...
 We live in the real world and not theoretical world. Didn't HSPA+ have a theoretical peek speed of around 168Mbps? How many times did anyone ever come close to getting anywhere near that? I am also pretty sure Asian and European carriers did just as much to distort these speeds so blaming America seems rather naive. 
 I posted my reply above before I saw yours. I am definitely a song skipper. I am not really sure how the internet radio services work. I believe iTunes radio is streaming at 256K if I am not mistaken which can really chew through some data quickly. My usage patterns have not changed with LTE but my data usage has gone up considerably so I attribute this to far higher quality audio and video streams. They sure sound better in my car to my ears at least. I can say this much...
I agree with you on the point of diminishing returns in terms of raw speed but really disagree in terms of actual usage. After getting LTE over a year ago my usage has increased many fold and like I said above I think I am not a data hog. Most of my usage I am guessing comes from streaming internet radio which is likely at 128Kbps speed I think. Doing that around 90 minutes a day gets me to around 8GB per month give or take a few above or below that on average. With a 2GB...
Lol, yep very good point which is why I am glad I still have an unlimited data plan. I am not even that heavy a user. Most of my data usage comes from streaming music whenever I am in the car so maybe an hour or 2 per day on average. Some occasional video usage, games, not a lot of web surfing and I went over 8GB last month. 
  I know people can post speedtests from the other carriers that are higher speeds but honestly I have never felt the need to go above 8Mbps on my phone. Videos and music streaming which have a far higher demand than web surfing work very well. I can't wait for the iPhone 6 that will support Sprint Spark which the 5 and 5s do not support since they do not support LTE on the 2.5Ghz spectrum. I am anxious not so much for the speed boost as how much greater coverage this...
Isn't this just the same thing Sprint did with their Spark service back in October? Basically putting LTE as accessible on a different spectrum. 
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