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Except that you are completely wrong. http://www.extremetech.com/gaming/168630-xbox-one-graphics-output-in-900p-worse-than-ps4s-1080p Update, 3:47PM ET, 10/30/13: A new tidbit of information was tweeted by Mark Rubin, a developer of Infinity Ward, that stated an upcoming Call of Duty expansion, Extinction, will run natively run on the PS4 at 1080p, but will be upscaled to 1080p from 720p on the Xbox One. Rubin noted that both games run at 60fps, which sounds like the Xbox...
Exactly. Consoles don't require any maintenance beyond some updates once in a while. As long as your controllers are charged anytime you want to play a game or even watch a netflix video it is extremely easy to do so. Consoles are a simple, no hassle type of way to play games easily on your TV and home theater and a computer is a bag of hurt to try and come close to the same level of ease. 
How about playing team based games that rely on an external chat program for very fast coordination and orders. Team based games like Modern War, Kingdom Age, Clash of Clans, and many more are among the most popular apps and earn the most money of all apps for Apple. Most teams rely on apps like Palringo, Line, Kakao Talk, or Line to give battle orders or to communicate strategy. It is extremely irritating to close game and chat app back and forth 100 times or more during...
Not so much naming debate as he doesn't seem able to fathom the 5s will transform into the 6c or whatever Apple decides to call the 5c replacement. I don't care what they call the next 5c, I think 6c is the most likely name. Certainly far more plausible than a 5sc but at least I will be the first to admit it is only a guess. He acts like he has a crystal ball. 
The 5c is the iPhone 5 in plastic. Why are you even talking about the 4s? I don;t know how much clearer I can explain this to you. Do you dispute that the 5c is not the old iPhone 5 in plastic? Same CPU, same display, same pretty much everything besides the case. The iPhone 5 was the flagship the year before the 5c's release. The 5s is the flagship phone this year. How can you not understand that this years flagship phone will not become next years c phone. Are you really...
People are saying the WiiU is a failure because it is a failure. The Xbox One and PS4 are both selling pretty well. Reviews are also very positive. Why must you always be so negative about everything? Now that Microsoft changed that stupid policy to force people to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold just to watch Netflix I might actually consider one. I like to play games on occasion but the the pay for online play was always a deal killer. I never spend enough time with games to...
Whether you know it or not you just made my case. The 5c is in fact the iPhone 5 in plastic. The iPhone 5 was last years model. It then stands to reason the 6c will also use the last years model internally at least which is the 5s. Take out the internal parts of the 5s, slap some plastic on it and boom there is your 6c which is logical. Pretty much everyone else agree with this. You in fact are the only one I have ever heard say 5sc. 
Funny, because if that were true I should be able to buy an iPhone 5 but what happened to the iPhone 5? Oh that's right they broke the pattern and put the innards inside a plastic shell and added a C to the name. There will be no 5SC which is a ridiculous name. The 5s will become the 6c. Count on it. 
You would be surprised just how many single users would also like multi-user accounts. One for your secret emails and hook up apps and one for your wife/husband/partner etc...to view without fear. Or just allow the ability to have a secret vault where these apps are hidden from prying eyes.
I fully expect with the A8 and iOS 8 that Apple will up ram to 2GB of the iPhone and iPad. They got a lot of mileage out of 1GB but you can only do so much with that before you notice a speed hit. 
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