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It doesn't matter what Apple releases you will hear cries from Fandroids and Apple Zealots as well that don't like anything to change at all. Apple will never win with those two extremes. It is like a discussion between tea party extremists and ultra-left socialists. Luckily 95% of the actual buying public do not fall into either of those camps so there impassioned debates held ad nauseam won't amount to a hill of beans. 
AI fix this "undefined"bug. It has to do with Facebook log in conflicting with the standard user account log in. I have a Facebook log in for other forums and it seems to interfere here and log me out automatically and causes other issues like posting "undefined" No time to write my post again but basically I see sales going much higher than a 20% increase.
 I am sure you do, but I think Apple is aware that you are in the small minority. Your only choice for a 4" is likely to be the 5s reborn in plastic as the 6c. 
11 pages of comments over a rumor Iovine and Dre MIGHT become Apple execs? This thread is more active than new mac or iPhone announcements
I have no idea if Apple will buy Beats or not. My first reaction was shock since I just didn't see the value. But after a lot more info like Google paying around the same for nest and Facebook paying far more for Whatsapp it doesn't seem quite so crazy. I am confident that if Apple does buy Beats they will have done an enormous amount of due diligence and had rooms full of Mac Pro's running every possible scenario. It is true Beats headphones are mediocre Chinese off the...
 Good points and I mostly agree. I have been wondering the last few years when the iPod Touch would also offer a cellular data version like the iPad. Seems a natural progression to keep it relevant. I still think there is room or a 5.5" iPhone as well though. I imagine the iPod touch would remain at 4" as an entry level product. 4" for the iPod and "C" model iPhones which will offer a clear delineation between the iPhone with much larger displays. 
Nothing was great about him which is my point. 
They might have been pissed but they got over it. They kept using their perfectly good iPad 3's or decided to sell them and buy a newer model. Who says it will get updated? This is likely the EOL for the 4" at least as a premium model. Slap a plastic case on the 5s and boom...introducing the iPhone 6c. 
Even if Forstall was the genius you think he was (I am not sure I agree with that) he was by all accounts a complete ass that was despised by pretty much everyone else at Apple. How long do you think Apple could have prospered once his acrimonious style of leadership ran away all the senior management like Ive and many others that refused to work with him? Steve was also a bully at times but balanced that with charm, charisma, and a magnetism Forestall lacked. I don't...
 I understand that part about a personal DJ. personally I think Pandora sucks for brand new users who refuse to train it. It took me literally years and years of training with thumbs up and down and also logging on to the Pandora website and adding names of artists, albums, and songs I like but it paid off. I may cheat on Pandora from time to time with iTunes, iHeart, LastFM but almost always come back to Pandora in the end. I think Pandora is very accurate as long as you...
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