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I personally prefer to own my phones because they work out free or actually a small profit for me. But I can see the appeal of people that want a new iPhone every year. I am with Sprint not solely because it is cheaper but also because I have zero complaints about the service. YMMV but for me it works fine.   The new plan is $50 a month for unlimited data, talk, & texts plus $20 for the base iPhone. That works out to $75 or so after taxes. I don't think AT&T or Verizon...
Nah, the one he made with me. he said if the 5.5" was anything other than an iPod Touch he wouldn't post for a month. Can't be bothered to look for it but did find this post which is very apropos. http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/177343/carriers-suggest-a-big-screen-iphone-6-could-be-a-very-special-success-in-china/80 
Thank God they have one in gold. I do not ever want to wear plastic on my wrist that is seen in public and at work. I love the variety for many tastes. This immediately made the competition look cheap and obsolete. (more than they already were)   Anyone want to buy a Breitlling?    Wall Street seems pleased. AAPL up 2.37
 Well if an insane person knows more about Apple than you and nearly all my predictions were correct down to even the name (way before any leaked rumors or picts  as well) and all your predictions were completely and utterly wrong, that doesn't speak too highly of you does it. The self-proclaimed resident Apple guru and genius on AI fell completely flat on his face. Oh the humanity.... It is also impolite to eat and type. How does that crow pie taste? I am sure you have...
I even guessed the name back in February as the iPhone plus. And again TS was livid because I knew nothing according to him and Apple would never call it plus.    Oh happy day. 
I seem to recall that Tallest Skill called me insane for my predictions back in February. I believe the bet required the loser to not post for one month on AI. I even predicted the 1920 x 1080 part. Take a big bite, you earned it.
You would think Microsoft would have a much better shot at getting switchers from Android not Apple. The only reason I can think you don't see those commercials are companies like HTC that make a Windows phone also make an Android phone. But I still think they would get more customers targeting Android.    If those commercials are true, Cortana does sound a lot more natural than Siri. I won't for a second consider switching over that but I do hope Siri can start sounding...
U2 are so 1980's and 90's. I would much rather see someone more relevant from this decade. 
Samsung at least offered two models. If people prefer the wrap-around edge they have an option and if they don't also an option.    Here are the specs.
I am open to any idea that is safe, secure, and makes it easier for all of us to access sites, apps, email, etc..without having to use long and burdensome passwords. I think temp passwords by text would be the easiest but I don't know much about Bitcoin. 
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