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If Cook talks about new product categories on CC, add another $20 plus another $10 short-covering; so by Friday close $80 upside potential.    
Just looked at after hours, up $40. Watch the idiot analysts try and squirm out now and say that is not what they said or meant
Go Apple!!!
 If what you are saying is true then why isn't the iPhone 5 available now? Where is it? The 5 was discontinued, put in a plastic case and renamed 5c. The 5s will be put in a plastic case very likely and sold as the 6c. There will be no sc, le, xe, or any other ridiculous named  iPhone. People very clearly remember you saying Apple would never in a million years name it the iPhone 5. People also remember you telling us there would be no larger iPhone than the 4". You were...
 But if this capability was already possible without the dedicated HR monitor Samsung included what does that say about Samsung? They added a part which depletes some battery life presumably, certainly costs extra money and takes up space all to do something that was already possible without changing a thing. Isn't that like reinventing the wheel?
Again, no one is making claims besides you. All of the rest of us are making speculations or predictions. If you think Apple will sell 2 iPhones one named 5sc and the other 5c in the same year, you really do not get Apple. Is your prediction possible? I suppose it is just like any number of other far out of left field ideas are possible since Apple is unpredictable. The fact that you treat people with such hostility simply because they postulate a different PREDICTION than...
I make no claims only predictions just like you. What was the name you predicted for the iPhone 5 again and actually got angry at people for suggesting it might be called an iPhone 5? I also seem to recall you getting angry and shouting at people when rumors surfaced about some new smaller iPad that would be called the iPad mini. Like I said before your track record sucks. And my point about obsessing over a product you have no intention of buying is just pathetic. No one...
Whatever Apple decides to call any iPhones released in 2014 it will be the 7th generation of devices you will not own one. Or will this be the magical year you finally retire than iPhone 1st gen and actually put your money where your mouth is?  It amazes me that anyone obsesses so much over a product they have no intention of buying. I don't care if they call it iPhone 6, iPhone Pro, or iPhone 2014 or anything else but as long as it includes a 4.7" screen I will call one...
You really are hopeless and have no clue about Apple at all. We will see who was right. Make sure and bookmark this thread and see you back here in a few months. 
Here are your 3 models.  iPhone 4.7" 6 AiriPhone 4" 6iPhone 4" 6c
New Posts  All Forums: