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Funny I always thought it was because instead of expressing your opinions as opinions you formulated them as facts and came across as the oracle of delphi on any all subjects in regards to any all subjects about Apple and treated anyone that disagreed with your assessment as a neophyte worthy of disdain and ridicule. 
I don't expect you to know about the many years he has harangued and harassed me which was infinitely worse when he had the power of being a mod on his side. I suppose if I only had this one thread to go by it would appear I am fixated on this one issue but I assure you there is a very long backstory and reason I pointed this out.  Certainly a person can speak about a product they do not own intelligently. But when I have spoken of very specific issues with iOS or my...
I couldn't see enough detail to determine much of anything about that phone which is why I asked him point blank what model it was. Apparently that set off his temper. If someone asks me what phone I have I don't usually tend to take offense. You would have thought I insulted his family. 
You might want to read a few posts above.....That is not iOS 7 that is whited00r
 Since it is a 1st gen iPhone I am not sure I get your meaning.    You are the one that decided to chime in to  tell me I was wrong and that definitely had to be a newer phone than a 1st gen since it was running iOS 7. Pretty silly to jump into a discussion, take a position, then when you are proven wrong to counter with why did your reply take so many words. It matters because he constantly berates any opinion I ever have over the iPhone and wants to come across as the...
Well apparently several others here weren't so sure it was a 1st gen and one even said since it was clearly running iOS 7 it had to be newer. Obviously your photo fooled the two people that liked your post with the photo. I guess they have a bit of egg on their face for backing you up now. The successor to the 5c will not be called the 5sc. Deal with it. 
You know what they say about a picture.....   http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/161407/hackers-continue-to-tweak-apples-obsolete-ios-3-1-3-for-legacy-iphones-ipods  
How can you even tell it is an iPhone from that photo and if so what model?  I have my old 4s I pulled out of a drawer (which reminds me I need to hurry up and sell it) and the volume controls are small and round. The phone appears to be in some sort of case. There is also some sort of app for older iPhones that TS has talked about using many times here that also emulates the look of iOS 7. http://www.whited00r.com/index?lang=en TS said that he used whitedoor to keep his...
I thought dark blurry photos were reserved for iPhone 6 and not antiques. And just saying the word "in before too dark to tell what model" doesn't negate the fact that it is too dark to tell. Shall I provide a link showing you how to take a proper photo?    No service.     Not sure that pict had quite the effect you had hoped for. The only person made to look foolish today might be a lot closer than you think. 
Exactly right. I honestly don't care a great deal about what an iPhone is called. I care about what it can do. It really is not all that important and I have been suggesting they drop the numbers for years. If they have different models give them an additional identifier like pro, air, etc.. and then simply refer to the year they were introduced to distinguish them. That would be far easier and also give Apple a cachet of not even needing a model name with numbers. It is...
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