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You really are hopeless and have no clue about Apple at all. We will see who was right. Make sure and bookmark this thread and see you back here in a few months. 
Here are your 3 models.  iPhone 4.7" 6 AiriPhone 4" 6iPhone 4" 6c
You don't exactly have a good track record with Apple predictions when it comes to iPhone or iPads need I remind you. The 5 became the 5c. For all intents and purposes the 5c is the 5 in a new case. Why wouldn't Apple repeat that with the 5s and with 64 bit and touch ID the C line will likely sell far better. In fact it might be the only option for a 4" iPhone available.  5sc really rolls off the tongue.  
5SC really? I find that extremely unlikely. I would put money that the 5c replacement will be called the 6c. 2015 will be the year where things will get interesting with names. I think Apple may decide to retire the S line for good and simply call them by name as iPhone, iPhone color, iPhone Air, iPhone Pro, or something completely different. For reference they can simply use the year it was released. All these numbers and letters start to get too confusing once you have...
I think it is very likely the current innards of the 5s will be put in a new plastic case and called a 6c. I think Apple will likely try and move away from selling models with different numbers which causes confusion. It is likely all phones this year will be called iPhone 6 with a few perhaps having a C or another moniker like Pro, or Air, or something else entirely after it. In 2015 Apple may decide to continue the S tradition or completely do away with numbers just like...
I was thinking the same thing. I am guessing it is a cost issue at the moment. But that will be a great feature for the iPhone 7 hopefully. 
I for one hope the power/sleep button moves from the top to the right side. I actually preferred the headphone port on the top like my old 4S also. Having the headphone port on bottom makes it more awkward for many use scenarios especially in my car with auxiliary. I wish that would go back to the top then move the power button to the right which currently is unused space. While they are at it the volume buttons are pretty hard to access in a case. I wouldn't mind slightly...
I am extremely curious to see a breakdown of the percentage of time a typical iPhone user uses it with 1 hand vs. 2 hands. Whenever I see people using their phones whether it is an iPhone, Galaxy, or anything else more than just a few seconds they nearly always rest the phone in one hand and use the far more precise index fingers of the other hand to operate the display. Most of the apps I use either look better in landscape mode or in many cases ONLY work in landscape...
God I hope so. It might be perfect for human hands but not for human eyes for most of us. Bring on the 4.7" or larger that so many of us have been waiting for very patiently. 
Showing the athlete checking his heart rate with an iPhone was a subtle dig at Samsung and the new S5 because that was one of their touted features over their S4. From what I have read the apps for the iPhone get exactly the same results as the built in feature on the S5. 
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