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I think I will wait a few more weeks and maybe even until .1 or .2 Everything is working well for me and nothing I can't live without. I also need to do some massive cleaning and moving things around before I update. I want to do a clean install and move things over manually and carefully to get rid of some cruft that has undoubtedly collected in my system folders.
I was curious how many I had so went to settings and I have 523. Apple needs to figure out a good system for finding apps when you don't know the name. For apps that are rarely used sometimes they are hard to find. In OS X with all the sorting options in Finder with various option to tag apps might be a good idea. Spotlight is great when you know the name but if you don't know the name it can take longer than needed unless there is some secret I am missing. 
I understand why Apple is pricing the plus $100 more and it makes perfect sense. But even with a higher price they seem to be selling very well.   I realize this is just a wild guess with no way to ever prove it, but I bet if they were priced the same the plus would  outsell the 4.7" by a good bit. 
I wouldn't mind seeing Apple produce some of their key components like Sapphire for example. I hope they just but them out, take 51% ownership and hire some competent managers to run it. 
And what happens when Apple decides to pull the trigger and take their foot off the brakes and go quad core and clock it at 2GHz or higher. If a dual core clocked this low with only 1GB of RAM is not only competitive but beats flagship Android phones next year expect a massacre. (well, worse massacre than this year in benchmarks)  Apple has regained that 3 year lead they had with their first  iPhone. Good times ahead for Apple and no way Samsung or any Android maker can...
I hope this will finally silence the 4" trolls who insist most people weren't demanding larger phones. 4" is EOL. Deal with it. 
You can rate it 10 stars for all I care. Whether I think it is the best phone on the market or not I and the author are allowed to rate it however we feel. And just because a crappy restaurant may be the best in town (that market) and the food still sucks I don't rate it five stars either. Stop getting so bent out of shape just because some stranger chose to rate it 4 and not 5 stars. When it meets my idea of a 5 star phone I will let you know. 
 I understand the reasons concerning the forehead and chin bezels.  Moreso when it comes to the chin, personally I find the enormous forehead far uglier than an iPhone that was asymmetrical with a narrower forehead but simply personal preference. Certainly the LG solution was not the answer either. But that really is not a big deal for me. The reason I gave it 4 and not 5 stars was due to the fact that they really should have given us a better FaceTime camera. Yes I know...
With Apple you always have to expect a few extra features you wish were included and this is done purposefully to make you want to upgrade next year. I think the 6 and 6+ are very good additions and are easily the biggest and best addition since the very first model. The increased screen size alone is a feature so many people have been waiting for and the reason it is selling so well. For next year I wouldn't mind seeing a reduced forehead and chin bezel area if they can...
Why even bother with stars when you don't show their face? If I had not known beforehand I doubt I would have known who it was. I would prefer a Stephen Colbert and Justin Timberlake ad with some song and comedy. Stephen is also a huge Apple fan in real life. 
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