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About 5" was my ideal new iPhone so if I have a choice between 4.7" and 5.5" i will have to see them in person and hold them to decide. If I had to choose right now I think I would go for the 5.5" model simply because a larger display is just so addictive. It is funny switching between the iPad and 5s, you have a sort of display shock when you use both and go back to an iPhone. Everything looks so tiny especially when you use the same apps. Clash of clans looks absolutely...
Ductless aren't on floor. They mount on wall so don't take up space. also can mount on ceiling. Outside unit usually goes on balcony in apartments or ground in a house
All of that is true but the point I was making that one guy in particular seemed to take offense at for some reason is the ductless systems can be a better alternative than a window unit and yes in the north also. My friend in NY didn't even know they existed until I told him about it and when his window unit died he replaced it with one and was much happier. The noise factor alone was a huge factor. I understand that window units are still common up north but my question...
Nope, Atlanta which has a metro population of over 6 million people. The only times you see window units is in the hood/housing projects and very poor neighborhoods. Even apartments here have central air. You just don't see them often except in garages. 
You wouldn't except maybe when you are ready to sell the phone. I don't know why people say such stupid comments. You would think they have never used a flash card. You can transfer data by wireless or via a USB cable attached to the phone but would rarely if ever have a reason to remove a 128GB card once installed.  I own an iPhone and I want an SD card so sue me. If Apple releases a 128 GB iPhone 6 is will largely be a non-issue but until then....
 We aren't comparing the Galxy or SD cards to cameras though. The discussion was about the S4 vs the new 8GB iPhone 5c. And I would much prefer to have a 128 GB card on a vacation for photos and videos than 5.4GB free space. 
What are you talking about? Once you install it you will likely never remove it again until you perhaps sell the phone. 
 Yes, in fact there have been dozens of phones with optical zoom and for quite a very long time. back before smart phones were even the rage my old Toshiba, Fujitsu, and Sharp clam shell type phones all had optical zoom. This was around the 1999-2004 timeframe. Most have been bulky though but they certainly existed. Just a few here Images for phone with optical zoom camera
Nope, don't sell them don't even currently use one. I did in the past when I lived in Japan. You sure are invested in trying to tout window units. Are you a salesman for window units? Look, like I said if you like sleeping in a room with an air conditioner that sounds like a jet engine, like installing and reinstalling every single year, don't mind that your house looks hideous from the outside then more power to you bud. 
I would agree that AAC is better but for file compatibility with other people it is good to have MP3 as an option.
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