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 People that want a bigger display by and large don't care about one handed use. The advantages to me of a larger display far outweigh using it easily with one hand. For people that still need that particular feature Apple will very likely continue to offer a 4" version. Even with my iPhone 5s I tend to hold it with two hands far more often than with one hand since most of the apps I use either require landscape or look better in landscape. 
If they do decide to go with colors again I really hope they learned their lesson with color choice and go with darker tones. A deep navy blue, or dark wine maroon for example would be gorgeous with anodized aluminum. Colors were not the problem with the 5c it was the colors they chose which look far too kindergarten.
I tried it after release but it kept stopping for no apparent reason. I had to completely quit app and restart to get it to play again. Finally just gave up and went back to Pandora. It also would play songs I had blocked an and I just don't think the GUI is as intuitive as Pandora. Pandora also lets you fine tune your stations a lot easier and better and does not repeat songs as much. I might check out iTunes radio again to see if things have improved but I have no...
I this this concept will likely look far more like the iPhone 6 than the description above.    
Netanyahu is the Israeli version of George W. Bush. 
If a far lower clocked dual CPU with less Ram can still compete very well with the Galaxy S5 which is a far newer phone, I am excited to see benchmarks and real world use tests with a quad-core that is likely to be clocked higher and also might bump up the Ram. Couple that CPU/Ram advancement with a larger display and that could be the death knell for Samsung's foray into high-end phones. Their sales could plummet. The only reason people had to buy a Galaxy type phone was...
Just because your telecom limits you to blocking only 5 don't assume that is the rule for all of them. I find 50 more than adequate. Most states do not require 2nd party consent for call recording. In fact only 12 states require this and consent is a misnomer since you really only need to give notice with beeps or a message. Talking after notice is given is consent. Google voice for example simply says "this call is now being recorded". Current Samsung, Nokia, and many...
The feature I most want to be added is the ability to record calls. Google voice allows this with incoming calls only. There are also other work arounds like using a VoiP app to make calls that can be recorded but nothing as simple as many phones, even dumb phones from 10 years ago, that simply had a record call button that worked for incoming or outgoing calls. Before the iPhone was even released I had an old HTC Touch Pro that ran the old Windows Mobile OS that could...
What in the world are you talking about? iOS can already do this for calls and texts. Not to mention this can also be done on my carrier at least as well. I simply log in to my account and there is options for blocking numbers for either texts or voice calls.They also allow you to block up to 50 numbers not five. I know this because I have an activated iPhone. 
I am not sure about the rest of you but the ability to run an iTunes festival app that I likely will never install is a rather unimportant detail in regards to a 7.1 update.
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