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You completely misrepresented what I said and created a fictitiously bogus straw man argument and got called out on it and I am a d-bag? I have no idea what you mean by " is ok for forever on a phone image never to be printed" My point stands. Apple need to also focus on improving the FaceTime camera as well as the rear one and I doubt few here would disagree with that statement. 
I tried iTunes radio multiple times but kept returning to Pandora. I just find it an easier to use GUI perhaps just because I am so used to it. But also after years and years of training Pandora and creating various playlists it knows what I like better than I do.    Streaming radio over LTE is such a great improvement over typical 3G of the past. I managed to use about 8 GB mostly streaming radio while I drove last month. Thank God for unlimited data
No you should have at least considered that the numerous people like me and others telling you there was a 128GB card that showed as 128 GB was at least a possibility before you embarrassed yourself and told us we were wrong. This is not about Samsung's website this is about your hubris. 
Who are you even arguing with because no where in my post did I ever suggest they add a 8 MP FaceTime camera. It is easy to win arguments when you just make up crap you hoped the other person said instead of actually arguing with what was posted. I simply said they really need to improve over the current 1.2 MP which leaves a lot of room between 1.2 MP and 8 MP.
Higher res photos and videos will require a lot more storage space. Hopefully that fact alone will push Apple towards the 32/64/128GB options.  I don't think most people shop for a smartphone based on 8MP vs. 15MP and let that be the deciding factor. Tech people know the MP count doesn't necessarily mean a better photo. I do think Apple at least has to reach 10MP though as there is a psychological threshold of going to a 2 digit MP count vs. a single digit. Although it is...
Beat me to it. I just called my buddy and he said it was Sandisk. This is the one he bought but he got it from Bestbuy not Amazon. Click reviews also for more proof. The fact is Android phones at least offer an option to massively increase your storage and iPhones don't which is why I had to pay an extra $200 to get to 64GB. I really hope Apple doubles their base memory to 32/64/128 with the iPhone 6. Even 64GB is nearly full for me so I would prefer 128GB. That is one...
Dud I have a friend with a Galaxy S4 and a 128GB card that shows as 128GB. You are wrong. And why do people keep talking as if all Android users are cheapskates. These type of phones cost about the same on or off contract as the iPhone and the Note 3 is actually more expensive. Not everyone with Android buys those $200 ones believe it or not. I happen to have several friends with 6 figure salaries that own Android phones because they hate the small size of the iPhone...
But it is also true you could plop in a 128GB SD card in the Galaxy and have a lot more room for photos, videos, and music. And if you really want to gain even more space you have the option of rooting and recapturing perhaps another 3 or 4 GB of internal space by removing Samsung bloatware and carrier crapware. But I do agree that this is embarrassing for Samsung that a stock 16GB Galaxy S4 does not come equipped with much more free space than a 8GB iPhone. 
 No it just sounds like you want to justify the choices you made and are not open to smarter alternatives. Many people invest heavily in a concept or technology and when someone challenges that and offers a better alternative they take great offense and take it personally as you seem to have done. Reminds me of the reaction from a friend that owned a crappy Dell Windows computer that was constantly having issues when I suggested he buy a Mac. He was furious at me and got...
 So did my friend who lives there in a 500 square foot studio until I told him about ductless and he switched. He is grateful to have his window back and also have a much cooler apartment with lower energy bills. 
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