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Isn't it the same size as the S4? I thought they kept the dimensions of the actual phone the same even though the display was slightly larger. In fact It is about the same size as the S3 isn't it? 
Waterproof and the wifi/LTE combo are the only 2 features that seem appealing. Overall meh...
DED, the most hateful and vitriolic Apple basher by any of them has to be that bald Yahoo idiot named Jeff Macke. You can almost see the froth coming from his mouth when he talks about Apple. You would almost swear he was talking about an ex-wife he now hates with a passion than a company. There has to be something going on with that guy because his hatred towards Apple is far too personal and irrational. I would not be surprised in the least to learn Macke is paid by...
Yes it is and how many current iPhone owners would choose a larger iPhone if that were an option. Not to mention people that already defected to Android or won't consider an iPhone now because it is too small.  I am guessing a very sizable number assuming Apple doesn't price it far more expensive which is a strong possibility. A 4" iPhone would likely sell in far lower numbers than a 4.8" iPhone if they had the same specs and price. 
 Apple doesn't really even compete in the sub $200 market. Heck they don't really even compete in the sub $400 market much either. But for phones that sell over $400 there is a clear trend towards larger displays. In fact are there any Android phones selling for more than $400 with a screen smaller than 4.5"? It is also not like all those poor people in the 3rd world want a 3.2" Android either, it is just that is all they can afford. Once larger displays drop in price they...
In a few months we will see who was right. 
Which means nothing since you have no idea how many of these are disgruntled and want a larger display but opted for an iPhone because of their desire to stay with iOS or other factors. Eventually if Apple doesn't offer a larger display people will decide to stop waiting and give Android a shot. We will see who was correct once a 4" iPhone has to compete with a 4.8"ish iPhone. I would be beyond shocked if the larger one doesn't blow the teensy tiny one away in sales. The...
I am exactly the same and I suspect there are millions more just like us. I know a lot of people with iPhones and not once when this topic was discussed have I ever heard anyone say they were happy with the small display. In fact only on AI do these people seem to exist. On other Mac websites there is overwhelming support for larger displays. 
They certainly can. They are also extremely expensive and extremely rare compared to cellphones that can be bought at Walmart for $15. Only an idiot would use a satellite phone as a daily phone unless they live in the mountains, the desert, antarctica   or some other distant location far away from civilization  without cellphone towers or perhaps they are a spy or have some other specialized usage. The nit pickers are out in full force today. 
You aren't missing anything. I hold my iPhone with one hand while calling or for very short bursts like looking at a text or checking something quickly but if I use it for more than a minute I tend to naturally gravitate to two handed use as do most people I have observed. People like to mock anecdotal evidence here but I think Apple have already realized this trend as well which is why they plan to do something about it. 
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