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Exactly. I said very much the same thing with less finesse and not as much detail. It is moronic for anyone purporting to be pro-Apple to say a huge drop in share price would be good for either Apple or individual investors. Finaciers, fund managers, analysts, etc.. will always make their money whether through fees for management, short sell or options. It is the little guy that always get shafted when stocks in a company like Apple plunges. 
I definitely should have followed my own advice before I ever bothered responding to you. Let your post stand but you were arguing with the wrong person about views I never held and also made many false assumptions about my retirement portfolio instead of simply asking. Nice deflecting instead of answering my previous post. 
You took that completely out of context since it was a reply. It was not meant to be taken out of context without the original quote which was "Good. Then Apple can buy up all the stock and keep these imbeciles away from their money. " And I stand by the fact that a meteoric drop in AAPL would hurt common people more than Wall Street financier types. Do you disagree with that? They have massive computers and algorithms to buy or sell in a millisecond that home investors do...
It was more luck and being a novice than anything else. I had only opened an Ameritrade account just over a year before I bought my first AAPL shares and really didn't know any better. Just glad I didn't sell as  my "expert" friends advised at the time. I also sold most at $700 and ended up buying even more shares when it dropped to around $520. Now that was a little shortsighted because I should have waited till below $500 but panic hit me since there was an upswing. It...
My point is that he was arguing with me even though I basically agreed with him. The person he should have been arguing with was the original comment by TallestSkil . None of his advice was in the least bit even relevant to me since I am diversified he simply made some very erroneous assumptions instead of asking me, "Hey, do you own other stocks or investments besides Apple". 
No one knows what Apple is thinking except for Apple. All we can do is speculate. The long rumored xMac that would have offered something between the Mac Pro and iMac more affordable is likely an area Apple didn't want to risk cannibalizing sales. But in this case an iPhone is a more expensive product than an iPad so less of an issue. 
Can you read? Who and what are you even arguing. I wasn't blaming analysts or manipulators. You should be arguing with Tallest Skil not me since he was the one that said that. And again I never said Apple was my only stock and you would be the last person I would ever ask for any financial or indeed any advice on anything since you seem to have a rage problem and also lack basic reading comprehension skills. I own stocks in over 50 companies and have many other investments...
I think one reason Apple might have been hesitant to release a larger display is the fear that it will lower sales for the iPad. With a larger iPhone there might be less need for an iPad. I can only speak for myself  but if I had a 5" iPhone I would be far less likely to upgrade my iPad 4th gen or at least upgrade quite as frequently. I bought the iPad simply because the iPhone gets very frustrating to use since it is so small. There is quite a shock when you switch to an...
Exactly where did I say that was the only stock I owned? or my one and only retirement plan? I will be sure to PM you if I want your advice. I bought my stocks in AAPL when they were around $10 bucks a share and then my 500 shares doubled with a split so it was not a huge amount of cash since you are so interested. 
Nope but they are the ones who suffer the most by far. Wall street always manages to make money which is why your salivating at a price drop was idiotic because it would hurt ordinary middle class people far more than wall street analysts. 
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