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Yeah the mock up iPhone looks ginormous next to the Samsung on the left with the same sized display. A bigger iPhone would definitely need to shave off something from the forehead and possibly even the chin though the home button is the problem there. Unless they go oval no easy way to reduce chin bezel area much.
I would love to see a larger iPhone that uses a 16:10 instead of 16:9. I find myself needing more width of the display in landscape than height. And  since a larger display will likely get a lot more landscape use that extra bit would mean a lot less scrolling. Yeah I get that for videos 16:9 makes more sense but I wonder what percentage of use is dedicated to watching videos vs. using normal apps in landscape.    This also applies to computer monitors. I used to have a...
I am sure there are better ones than mine but I am extremely happy with them especially for the price. And I remembered the price incorrectly they were only around $20 which is great since at that price almost disposable but I was surprised just how good they sound. They are the Soundbot SB240 Good review herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEgMYfEDF3E
Says someone who very likely owns no Apple stock or has the foggiest idea about finance. Many people's retirements and investments are heavily weighted with AAPL. Millions of middle class Americans would suffer and those manipulators will always make money regardless what the price does, so the only people that would suffer would be common shareholders and Apple. 
I am so sick of seeing that same mock up for every single news story about a new iPhone. Please for the love of God change it up from time to time with new mock ups. 
I bought a pair of stereo bluetooth headphones and they blow away the headset from Apple that came with my phone. Hard to describe except a richer and cleaner sound with deeper bass and also just range. It makes my music sound like it is going to CD from 64K.  Would they deliver better sound than some headphones that cost nearly as much as the phone? probably not which is expected but then again the great convenience of wireless and also the fact that they are cushioned...
 People that want a bigger display by and large don't care about one handed use. The advantages to me of a larger display far outweigh using it easily with one hand. For people that still need that particular feature Apple will very likely continue to offer a 4" version. Even with my iPhone 5s I tend to hold it with two hands far more often than with one hand since most of the apps I use either require landscape or look better in landscape. 
If they do decide to go with colors again I really hope they learned their lesson with color choice and go with darker tones. A deep navy blue, or dark wine maroon for example would be gorgeous with anodized aluminum. Colors were not the problem with the 5c it was the colors they chose which look far too kindergarten.
I tried it after release but it kept stopping for no apparent reason. I had to completely quit app and restart to get it to play again. Finally just gave up and went back to Pandora. It also would play songs I had blocked an and I just don't think the GUI is as intuitive as Pandora. Pandora also lets you fine tune your stations a lot easier and better and does not repeat songs as much. I might check out iTunes radio again to see if things have improved but I have no...
I this this concept will likely look far more like the iPhone 6 than the description above.    
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