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50% of the world are women that tend to use purses to carry their phones. It really wouldn't be that hard to carry a 5.6" iPhone in a purse. And men also seem to manage with the Note III so I am not sure if your criticism is valid for men either. In any event if Apple were to offer such an iPhone it is doubtful they would discontinue a smaller version so it would not effect you. Choice is a good thing. 
I have been called a lot of things but never undeveloped. So hats off for at least an original thought for once.  In your black or white universe I suspect there are a lot of "undeveloped" people who see things a bit more grey which is an anthema to you.There can only be your view of how Apple should be perceived and the wrong way which is to say anyone's else views.  Perhaps if you could learn not to be so confrontational, or sarcastic and stop using the ¡ symbol on...
If I had meant to include VoiP, Skype, FaceTime, or other types of calls I would have included that. It is pretty much understood when you are talking about voice calls you mean cellular using towers which neither iPod touch nor iPad can do. Do I real need to define a phone and voice calls?
 You forgot the "go away" part. I see you are making all sorts of friends at 9to5 as well. 
 Neither  iPod Touch nor iPad cannot make standard voice calls using towers. I am not talking about VoiP, Skype, FaceTime, etc.that allow calls over WiFi or require an additional data plan. Perhaps you got confused since you don't have a modern or activated iPhone with an actual carrier. Do you have any phone at all capable of making calls not on wifi? Your  "iPhone" is an antique 1st gen  that can't even go beyond iOS 3 which is pretty much next to useless, you claim to...
Multitasking is definitely a feature I would use and appreciate on an iPad.That is certainly something I would love to see come to iOS. 
You blamed the government for slow internet and said they had to be "surgically removed"  and I pointed out the government in Chattanooga was able to deliver the fastest internet in the country. Nice job at trying to weasel out and change the subject. Not to mention it was the government in countries like Japan, South Korea, and many European countries that also pushed though FTTH and made that possible. 
the iPhone is one of the most famous and recognizable products on the planet. There is zero reason for Apple not to call any iOS device capable of making voice calls anything other than an iPhone regardless of the display size. 
You obviously haven't visited Chattanooga which has the fastest internet in the country and is run by the government. http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/which-city-has-the-fastest-internet-in-the-nation/ This shows what is possible with planning, competent people in charge, and the financial backing. 
No reason Apple couldn't do what Netflix did and get shows like House of cards, or Orange is the new Black as iTunes content exclusives.
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