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I haven't used Swiftkey only Swype but saw the video and it looks amazing. I would love to have this on my iPhone or iPad. 
Lack of keyboard choice or options and features on the current one is a big complaint. Personally I prefer swype and got used to it but I realize it is not for everyone. This new autocorrect feature seems like a great addition. I think Blackberry for all their other faults also added a nice word suggestion feature better than the current one on iOS. I just wish there were room for a 4th row to include numbers. My biggest complaint with the current keyboard asides from no...
I love the concept photo. Whether Apple actually will release an iWatch anytime soon if at all remains to be seen but if it looks like the concept I would be intrigued. For me personally I  would be most interested if it were able to check blood pressure and heart rate, show notifications from your iPhone or iPad, and include Siri capability. For Siri it would have to be able to work through the phone basically as a bluetooth headset but could also show data on the display...
 I agree. We are all waiting on the next big thing. I understand if it is going to be an entire new product or category it will take years of tweaking, refining, and testing before it gets released. But I hope they have some big new launches coming this year or next. I think home automation and car entertainment/navi systems are areas Apple does now want to let Google dominate. I suppose at least with Google and their open alliance that they would let iPhones work in cars...
A new AppleTV would not need to compete with the type of games on the PS4. It would simply need to be able to play all current games on iOS as fast if not faster than the iPhone 5s or iPad Air. Many games would not translate well to a big screen but most would. I would love to play Clash of Clans. Modern War, Kingdom Age and many others on my 70" TV with a decent bluetooth controller. 
Apple need to get the lead out and move on this before Android or even Microsoft dominate in this market. My only fear as Mstone pointed out above is Apple has historically not been very good at partnering or working with other companies. 
Apple needs to buy the Harmony remote division from Logitech or introduce something similar on their own. Their Smart Harmony remote turns your iPhone or iPad into a fantastic universal remote. 
The release of a larger iPhone will definitely help with sales but that is only a short term fix. After 4 years with essentially the same design for the iPhone  I also expect the iPhone 6 to look radically different so that should help boost sales and bring back some excitement.  Perhaps they will also figure out a better way forward for the successor to the 5c to address the growing midrange phone sector where most real growth is happening.   But ultimately Apple is far...
Everyone understood what you meant. Well, everyone except the person that called you illiterate apparently. Perhaps you need to be more sarcastic and use those childish ¡ marks to get your point across. 
 I said the same thing above. I think a nice Royal blue would have been far more appealing than the olympic blue they chose. Something like this.  
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