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You blamed the government for slow internet and said they had to be "surgically removed"  and I pointed out the government in Chattanooga was able to deliver the fastest internet in the country. Nice job at trying to weasel out and change the subject. Not to mention it was the government in countries like Japan, South Korea, and many European countries that also pushed though FTTH and made that possible. 
the iPhone is one of the most famous and recognizable products on the planet. There is zero reason for Apple not to call any iOS device capable of making voice calls anything other than an iPhone regardless of the display size. 
You obviously haven't visited Chattanooga which has the fastest internet in the country and is run by the government. http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/which-city-has-the-fastest-internet-in-the-nation/ This shows what is possible with planning, competent people in charge, and the financial backing. 
No reason Apple couldn't do what Netflix did and get shows like House of cards, or Orange is the new Black as iTunes content exclusives.
4", 4,7", 5.6" , 7.9" and 9.7" seems to offer something for everyone. I would have to hold a 4.7" and 5.6" in my hands before I could decide. I am leaning towards a 4.7" but would need to actually see them side by side. If it were my decision I would go with one around 5" which I think is the prefect size but I could live with 4.7".    In probably the not so distant future I think clamshell type smartphones will appear. But instead of folding down like the old flip...
How about iFab for the 5.6" name if they don't use iPhone. The fabulous Apple phablet. Some geeks might associate the word fab with fabrication but 99% of the world associates it with fabulous.  And no I am not being serious. As much as I want a larger iPhone even I am becoming somewhat bored with all these same rumors with a minor tweak to make it seem different.    On a more serious note though....16:9 might be better suited for some movies but for for surfing, email,...
I don't think electric or even gas-electric hybrids are the answer. They seem to be transitional type technology to get us to that next level. At least right now it appears that hydrogen fuel cell cars might have the best chance for mass adoption if they can address the shortcomings. You can fill them up just like gas in only 5 minutes and they can go for up to 400 miles on a tank and they get the gas equivalent of around 60MPG. The two weak points are the price of...
I listed three alternative suggestions and none included that one. Not sure why you even quoted my post. 
And also patently obvious. Once you reach 10,000 you start using tens of thousands. Although if you choose to be less precise you could technically use thousands all the way up to a million I suppose. I prefer less ambiguity. 
You are using the strict city limit population which can be very misleading. Often the city limit is a very tiny portion of the population. Auburn has probably closer to 150,000 if you include the suburbs. It is also very close to Columbus, GA which has a metro area of around 300,000. If you look at just the population of the city of Atlanta which is relatively small area it is only around 444,000 but in reality there are around 5 million living in Atlanta just not inside...
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