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In a few months we will see who was right. 
Which means nothing since you have no idea how many of these are disgruntled and want a larger display but opted for an iPhone because of their desire to stay with iOS or other factors. Eventually if Apple doesn't offer a larger display people will decide to stop waiting and give Android a shot. We will see who was correct once a 4" iPhone has to compete with a 4.8"ish iPhone. I would be beyond shocked if the larger one doesn't blow the teensy tiny one away in sales. The...
I am exactly the same and I suspect there are millions more just like us. I know a lot of people with iPhones and not once when this topic was discussed have I ever heard anyone say they were happy with the small display. In fact only on AI do these people seem to exist. On other Mac websites there is overwhelming support for larger displays. 
They certainly can. They are also extremely expensive and extremely rare compared to cellphones that can be bought at Walmart for $15. Only an idiot would use a satellite phone as a daily phone unless they live in the mountains, the desert, antarctica   or some other distant location far away from civilization  without cellphone towers or perhaps they are a spy or have some other specialized usage. The nit pickers are out in full force today. 
You aren't missing anything. I hold my iPhone with one hand while calling or for very short bursts like looking at a text or checking something quickly but if I use it for more than a minute I tend to naturally gravitate to two handed use as do most people I have observed. People like to mock anecdotal evidence here but I think Apple have already realized this trend as well which is why they plan to do something about it. 
Are you purposely trying to be obtuse? Exactly what term could I have possibly used would satisfy you to the point where there no room for pedantic nit picking hissyfits. Did I need to list and exclude every single type of VoiP including CUseeMe that might run on some emulator? I also left out Google Voice, Yahoo messenger and probably dozens more. How about this, cellular voice calls that use SID and MTSO. Clear now? http://electronics.howstuffworks.com/cell-phone3.htm
Good luck calling 911 from your iPad if you had a car accident away from wifi. In any event you are a bit late to the party since this was all clarified several posts above. 
50% of the world are women that tend to use purses to carry their phones. It really wouldn't be that hard to carry a 5.6" iPhone in a purse. And men also seem to manage with the Note III so I am not sure if your criticism is valid for men either. In any event if Apple were to offer such an iPhone it is doubtful they would discontinue a smaller version so it would not effect you. Choice is a good thing. 
I have been called a lot of things but never undeveloped. So hats off for at least an original thought for once.  In your black or white universe I suspect there are a lot of "undeveloped" people who see things a bit more grey which is an anthema to you.There can only be your view of how Apple should be perceived and the wrong way which is to say anyone's else views.  Perhaps if you could learn not to be so confrontational, or sarcastic and stop using the ¡ symbol on...
If I had meant to include VoiP, Skype, FaceTime, or other types of calls I would have included that. It is pretty much understood when you are talking about voice calls you mean cellular using towers which neither iPod touch nor iPad can do. Do I real need to define a phone and voice calls?
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