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I hope this will finally silence the 4" trolls who insist most people weren't demanding larger phones. 4" is EOL. Deal with it. 
You can rate it 10 stars for all I care. Whether I think it is the best phone on the market or not I and the author are allowed to rate it however we feel. And just because a crappy restaurant may be the best in town (that market) and the food still sucks I don't rate it five stars either. Stop getting so bent out of shape just because some stranger chose to rate it 4 and not 5 stars. When it meets my idea of a 5 star phone I will let you know. 
 I understand the reasons concerning the forehead and chin bezels.  Moreso when it comes to the chin, personally I find the enormous forehead far uglier than an iPhone that was asymmetrical with a narrower forehead but simply personal preference. Certainly the LG solution was not the answer either. But that really is not a big deal for me. The reason I gave it 4 and not 5 stars was due to the fact that they really should have given us a better FaceTime camera. Yes I know...
With Apple you always have to expect a few extra features you wish were included and this is done purposefully to make you want to upgrade next year. I think the 6 and 6+ are very good additions and are easily the biggest and best addition since the very first model. The increased screen size alone is a feature so many people have been waiting for and the reason it is selling so well. For next year I wouldn't mind seeing a reduced forehead and chin bezel area if they can...
Why even bother with stars when you don't show their face? If I had not known beforehand I doubt I would have known who it was. I would prefer a Stephen Colbert and Justin Timberlake ad with some song and comedy. Stephen is also a huge Apple fan in real life. 
I am not even sure how they compete. Who uses PayPal at all beyond places like Ebay or online? Yeah I know they have a card they issue and also a mobile card reader you can plug into your iPhone headphone port, but I doubt that is a big part of their business. And I don't remember them attacking Square when they entered those markets.    Does Apple Pay even have an ability to handle online transactions yet? 
With a 5K display Apple might offer a beefier GPU than usual on this update. 
This might be the 1st iMac to make me consider switching from my Mac Pro which is getting a bit old. With a new Mac Pro or a new iMac I will have the same issue with both in terms of migrating my four hard drives. Are there any reasonably priced but decent quality external enclosures to house my four Mac Pro drives out there anyone could recommend? 
8MP is plenty for the rear camera and I agree with the posts above. It will take great photos and more than that is not needed unless you print posters.  But I am disappointed the FaceTime camera didn't get a bump to the 2 to 3 MP range. Now that actually would make a huge difference in quality. As popular as selfies are now I was sure that would get a bump in megapixels. 
A lot to like with these new models and I am happy they decided to completely ditch the 4" moving forward. Yeah, you can still buy one in last years model but it is safe to say Apple went all in with big. I will definitely be getting the 6+.    It was a long wait to get a decent sized iPhone but just glad the wait is finally over. As expected, all the naysayers on AI suddenly developed amnesia and think we have forgotten all the crap they said the last...
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