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You are absolutely correct but if Samsung decided to fork Android like Amazon then they would no longer be permitted to sell "Android" phones. That is a huge incentive not to fork it. I don't blame Google for that tactic since they created Android and have spent probably billions developing and supporting their ecosystem and then give it away for free. As the old adage says nothing in life is truly free though. I think Samsung used to have some leverage with Tizen but not...
 Thanks for proving my point. Obviously you thought the iPhone was too small so decided to buy a S4.  You probably didn't like Android so it went in a drawer. I am exactly the same. I long for a larger display but far prefer Apple hardware and iOS. Once a larger iPhone is available all the millions of people unhappy with a tiny screen but also loyal to Apple and iOS can finally buy what they really want. Perhaps a lot of other people that chose not to throw their S4 in a...
 Don't worry I am a very good shot. It is a lot easier to see 6' targets than fixed type in apps on a teeny 4" display in any event. Once a larger iPhone goes on sale we will see who was right. I bet it will far outsell a 4" version assuming Apple continues to sell the small one which is not a certainty. 
 If you are asking me what phone I would rather have if I had to choose something other than an iPhone it would not be a Nokia. Sorry but I think the Samsung S4 or HTC One are far better phones than any by Nokia. I would also prefer a LG or Sony over a Nokia. I also prefer Android  to Windows phone so I would have no interest in buying a Windows phone to begin with. I do not see this as a positive move by Microsoft and will likely lead to even fewer apps for Windows Phone....
 People will be very reluctant to give up their DVR. It is not just network shows after all. What about local  programs like news or local sports and other shows, or sports events, or more obscure cable channels and shows that do not have VOD or Hulu options. I rarely watch any live TV. Almost all my shows are pre-recorded on my DVR. 
If there are few apps for Windows phone now wait until they do this. Overnight app development for Windows Phone would cease to exist. Why bother writing native apps when they can save money on development costs and just let those users run the Android version instead. 
You are exactly right. I can see the advantage of a 4" display on the 5s if you are just glancing at a text, email, or notifications for a few minutes at a time but if you spend longer periods looking at the screen then the advantages of a larger display are readily apparent. Anyone looking at the display longer than just a few minutes are also likely to be seated and therefore holding it in landscape mode as well which means one handed use is not very important. 
A lot of cable internet packages limit you to 50GB a month or even lower. Unlimited data for internet used to be the rule but it now seems to be the exception. If I switched entirely to streaming TV over the internet I would pass 50GB in very short order. Just with my normal usage and Netflix I already come close to that. I wonder how they would address that issue. 
That would be nice I just didn't think that was possible. I assumed it would only be for Time Warner customers as a replacement for their set top box. I use DirecTV for TV and Cox Cable  for my internet. If The new Apple TV offered me all the same channels I watch now on DirecTV for a similar or hopefully cheaper price it would certainly appeal to me. 
I really do not need your help in determing what I want. I thought I was clear but let me try again. I have an iPhone 5s and also an iPad Air wifi version. At home I don't really use my iPhone very much except for calls and texts. When I am away from home I want to have access to voice, texts, and data and I do not want to add on an additional data bill for an iPad nor do I want to carry another device. I simply want a larger iPhone because the screen is far too small. I...
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