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If Wall Street is happy that makes me happy. I agree the analysts are idiots with their own agenda but as an AAPL investor I have no problem at all with them driving the price back up to where it should be. Speaking of douche analysts this bald guy from Yahoo hates Apple. In every single video he ALWAYS has something negative to say. What makes it worse it it is clear he has absolutely no technical understanding of why things like the A7 are such a big...
 I hope you get them free. I got my niece to buy a Macbook for her freshman year at college about the same time as you and it would be nice to get her off of using  MS Office and give iWork a shot. 
iOS app store
Oh really? Guess I was daydreaming then since I just downloaded Pages, Numbers, keynote, iPhoto, and iMovie all for free on my 5s. 
I just went back on app store and now price is showing as free. But boy is loading slowly. Their servers are getting pounded. 
Hey, send me one of those unused Mac Pro keyboards because mine certainly got used.  It was cheaper than I thought. With the dual GPU configuration I was expecting a $3299 starting point. Those are very expensive GPU's. I just wish they would offer a model with a standard (read far cheaper) desktop class GPU which would have allowed for an entry model a tad more affordable to home buyers that just don't want an iMac for a variety of reasons. But I admit I want one of these...
Great keynote. I just received my gold 5S.  How do I go about getting the free iOS versions mentioned? If I go to the app store it shows a price. 
I received my gold 5s today. This was surprising since I got a call from Sprint on Monday apologizing for the long delay and telling me that it would likely ship around 3 to 4 weeks. Any other people here receiving the gold 5s and were told it would be several more weeks? Maybe Apple is starting to really ramp up supply to meet demand faster than anticipated. 
Get ready for a nice ride towards $640. People that sold or didn't buy in below $510 will soon learn to regret that.
Cellphone service is like politics, it is all local. That is why it pisses me off when people say an entire network sucks because they get poor coverage or slow data in their tiny neck of the woods.(not saying that about your post by the way)  Hell, even within a city or even neighborhood it can vary by a wide margin. Everyone has to do their homework and talk to people you know that live or work where you will use the phone most often and also use 3rd party coverage sites...
New Posts  All Forums: