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I do and I said so above. Android emulators on Macs and PC's using Bluestacks, virtual PC, Fusion, Parallels, etc. along with these TV dongles. I have around 4 maybe more Android accounts running on my Mac Pro that I rarely ever use except to play one single game for events that I bet get counted as Android tablets. One guy on my team has 6 of these accounts.
Neill, what do you think about Android activations when it comes to emulators? For example Bluestacks is a very common emulator available for both Windows and OS X that allows you to run a virtual Android tablet on your Mac or PC. There are also many others. Even Parallels and VM Ware Fusion allow this once you download Android. I have about 3 Android accounts I use for a game called Modern war which has factions (teams). I use these spare accounts to help with certain...
That is not what he meant. It is pronounced Yappari which translates as Duh..., or that is obvious, or of course it is that way, or like I thought. No real exact translation but those give you an idea. It is said when you see something that is obvious
Very very true, they really do hate each other. If you ever watch a baseball or soccer game between these two countries you will understand. Now there may be some crossover and appeal when it comes to young people and J-Pop/K-Pop, TV drama's, and other cultural things that appeals to the other country but not when it comes to products like phones or TV's. Japanese will always buy a domestic or Western brand before anything Korean if given a chance. 
Before Sherlock there was also eWorld by Apple which had a very rudimentary search I believe. It was killed off by the popularity of AOL. My how times have changed. 
Back in the old days, as in Mac Classic OS, I would often use Graphic Converter by Lemke. I still have the updated version for OS X in case I need it but I rarely need to do much photo editing anymore. The nice things about apps like these is that for many people they don't require an Abrams tank type of app to do some very simple stuff. Programs like Photoshop or Office are great if you need the myriad of options but are confusing and difficult to use for just the...
Actually the larger iPhone might get the name Air or Pro . I just used a + as an example but both of those would be good monikers to help differentiate the line. 
iPhone + April release Larger iPhone display ~5" slightly faster A7 but essentially same as 5S iPhone (successor to current 5s retains 4" display) ~October iPhone C (successor to 5C with 5s internals)  ~October   2015 rinse and repeat. They will have to eventually drop the numbers. Let the current 5S model just be called iPhone. The plastic colored one can keep the C, and a larger one might be called iPhone +, or L, X or some other letter    This would allow 2...
I see this is a very likely outcome. A Spring and Fall release. Spring could be a larger iPhone with Fall for the 4" models. If they decide to produce a larger iPhone a staggered release would make more sense to help with any production shortages and supply constraints. It would also help keep the excitement level up year round as opposed to now where interest in the iPhone fades somewhat in the 6 months before a refresh. As much as I hope for a larger iPhone it would suck...
Who is the great "we" of which you speak? ""We" don't know anything of the sorts. I love all these armchair CEO's sitting behind keyboards second guessing one of the best run companies on the planet. 
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