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Here is a thought, don't buy one! How hard is that? Apple will continue to make a 4" version even if they make a larger one as well. A larger iPhone would still undoubtedly be smaller than a Galaxy S4 and that fits in a front pant pocket very easily. 
Not only will Apple very likely make a 5" version but I predict once they do this or perhaps the year after they will drop the numbers from the iPhone name. I just don't see them releasing an iPhone 9 or 12, it just starts to sound tedious. They can simply have the iPhone c, iPhone (4") and iPhone + (5") which will cover the entire lineup and price points. The switch to Mavericks gave us a good indication they are heading this way by dropping the numbers for OS X.    It...
I have been trying it and here is what I don't like. It will just stop playing for no reason at times and is hard to get the music started again. It is not a cell signal issue either because Pandora will play fine if I try. I also don't like the fact that I cannot train or fine tune my stations. There is no way to give a thumbs up/down or rate from 1 to 10 stars for example. I am also hearing the same songs far too often. Unless they improve the ability to train stations I...
The only problem with that design might be the fact that most people use cases. It can be troublesome to remove a case just to play a game so unless this will work with an iPhone in a case that may be a big hindrance.
 I think $640 is where Apple should be if you actually look at the numbers and understand the market. But that will take some time, around 6 months to a year to get back to that level. there will be resistance around the $560 mark.  Apple has really only been competing in certain markets and countries. Now they have added T-Mobile, DoCoMo, China Mobile, and many other carriers around the world. That alone will mean very decent growth. Samsung was already in all of these...
If Wall Street is happy that makes me happy. I agree the analysts are idiots with their own agenda but as an AAPL investor I have no problem at all with them driving the price back up to where it should be. Speaking of douche analysts this bald guy from Yahoo hates Apple. In every single video he ALWAYS has something negative to say. What makes it worse it it is clear he has absolutely no technical understanding of why things like the A7 are such a big...
 I hope you get them free. I got my niece to buy a Macbook for her freshman year at college about the same time as you and it would be nice to get her off of using  MS Office and give iWork a shot. 
iOS app store
Oh really? Guess I was daydreaming then since I just downloaded Pages, Numbers, keynote, iPhoto, and iMovie all for free on my 5s. 
I just went back on app store and now price is showing as free. But boy is loading slowly. Their servers are getting pounded. 
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