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I don't have a Windows computer  but do have several Macs, iPads, and iPhones. Is there a Apple Remote Desktop app to control OS X out for iOS? 
Cricket had their own towers and some roaming agreements with other carriers. But one thing is for sure, they will be owned by AT&T (if the deal gets approved) so not sure what changes AT&T will implement.  http://www.theverge.com/2013/7/12/4518706/what-does-at-ts-deal-to-buy-cricket-mean-to-you
AT&T just bought Leap Wireless a few weeks ago. Leap is the parent company of Cricket. They said at the time they would basically leave Cricket alone to run as an independent but allow them to share AT&T spectrum.
 What do you consider to be a phablet? It is 4.8", 5", 5.3", 5.7" 6"? Just curious what is the dividing line between what you would consider a smartphone vs. a phablet. I am not a fan of Samsung at all but I will admit that their ability to include a much larger display in the Galaxy S4 and Note 3 while keeping the actual size of the phone about the same was a smart move. Apple could also probably make a 4.8" to 5" iPhone model that does not have a noticeably larger...
Does it really matter if the price of a 5c is $50, $100, or even free? That is a tiny fraction of the total cost of ownership over a 2 year contract commitment. Depending on your carrier and plan the total cost over 2 years is likely to be around $1,700. I really don't understand why anyone would choose a 5c over a 5s with just a $100 difference since that works out to only an extra $4.16 per month over the contract for a much better phone. 
Where did I say I didn't use the phone part? I actually talk quite a lot on my iPhone but even now I use a jawbone headset. I simply said I spent more time looking at my display as do most people than talking on my iPhone.  Do I really need to keep explaining why the iPad Mini is not even close to being an option? There is a world of difference between a 4" iPhone and a iPad Mini. Just because I want a bigger display does not mean I want an iPad Mini or even a Galaxy Note...
Ever heard of bluetooth? How about speaker phone? Hell, most people I know rarely even use their phones for voice calls anymore. I spend a hell of a lot more time looking at my display than I do holding it up to my ear. 
That is my contention and I stand by it. I firmly believe it would draw in a lot of Android buyers who refuse to by an iPhone due to the screen size. People like me with an iPhone already who are unhappy with the screen size would also be far more likely to stick with the platform. The 5s will absolutely be my last phone with a 4" display. My next one will have a minimum of 4.5" or larger and 5" would be just about perfect for me. 
Anyone with an iPhone and an iPad tends to use the iPad at home far more than the iPhone for that exact reason. But hauling around an iPad Mini with me outside of the home is not a viable option. It is too big and not pocketable like a 4.8" iPhone would be.  I have viewed and handled enough phones like the HTC DNA, HTC one, Galaxy S4 and my own Evo before I got my first iPhone to know that I prefer a larger display and it would better suit my usage. Why is so hard to...
No irony. You are right I have no idea how well it would sell. It might flop and it might sell twice as many as the 4" little sister. My gut tells me it would sell better IF it were priced the same and probably lower sales if priced higher. If Apple expands the line with a 3rd model I would expect them to keep the different pricing and would add an extra $100 to the price or $299 on contract. The only way this debate will ever be settled is if it comes to pass. But as soon...
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