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A larger iPhone is the final and last missing piece of the puzzle. I think it will easily outsell the 4" version assuming it is priced the same. But I imagine it will add an extra $100 to the price as Apple tends to do which may decrease sales to a degree. There is a huge pent up demand from current iPhone owners that have been begging for a larger screen. There are also many Android users who cite the small iPhone display as the only reason they stick with Android....
When will some of us ever get our 5s? I ordered a gold one as soon as I could which was about 30 minutes after they went on sale online and still am seeing a 4 to 6 week estimate on shipping. Had I known it would take that long I would have ordered a different color and been using it by now.  I hope Apple can speed things up a bit because that is a very long time to wait. 
Speaking of Siri, since upgrading to iOS 7 I am getting way to many errors like Can't connect to server, or it simply doesn't register anything at all and you have to try it several more times . Under iOS 6 it worked and understood around 90% of the the time but that has dropped to about 40% to 50% of the time now with iOS 7. It even stalls on extremely simple things like set timer.  Is anyone else that uses Siri frequently having the same issues?
 You heard wrong. http://www.sensorly.com/map
While the Qualcomm guys are running their mouths I wish they would tell us what the hell happened to their RF360 Front End that was rumored to go into the iPhone 5s. I don't know if they had problems with production or something else but it is very disappointing these were not included since it would have meant one iPhone model for each color and storage size instead of 4 or 5 like they must produce now. It also would have meant that some carriers would not have been left...
 Where do you guys get this erroneous info from? I am with Sprint and have an unlocked iPhone that allows me to use it on practically every GSM network in the world except AT&T and T-Mobile in the U.S.  Virgin Mobile USA along with Boost Mobile are also wholly owned subsidiaries of Sprint. They are in fact their pre-paid carriers. I cannot speak about whether a VM iPhone can be unlocked as easily as Sprint but with Sprint at least you simply call their international...
 Then you better check again.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boost_Mobilehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virgin_Mobile_USA
If Apple had done this it would be on CNN, all the national evening news shows, and all over the web within minutes. Has this story gained any traction at all? 
You expect doping scandals in sports but who ever thought they would also show up in smart phone benchmarks.   I hope this story gains a lot of traction beyond just a few Apple sites like this one and makes it into mainstream news outlets as well. Samsung can not get away with lying about how their phone will perform with these amazing benchmark scores and then when people buy and actually use them they fall far short of that.    Talk about a great ad campaign for HTC,...
Siri has been very flaky since I updated. I use Siri quite a lot. I never used to get so many server error message or just being so unresponsive before. I don't get many iMessages as most of my texts are standard messages from devices other than iOS users so I am not sure if I am having any problems with that or not. 
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