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I like iOS 7 so far. I suppose my biggest complaints are with text messages just being harder to read. Not sure what they were thinking with green bubbles and white text. The old color scheme for messages was much easier to read. The phone dialer also just seems a little harder on the eyes. Far too much white and not enough contrast. I tend to prefer darker themes so the previous colors were preferable to me but I do like the new features and the design elements. I just...
I am really curious why they didn't go with the Qualcomm RF360 which would allow far fewer SKU's. Was the RF360 delayed or simply not ready to be produced in such large quantities? For anyone not familiar with it here you go. It basically is a rosetta stone for all bands and frequencies in one radio chip so Apple could make one model to run on any carrier instead of multiple ones like they do...
 You could have stopped there since you nailed it. He thinks he is the voice of Apple in all things. Anyone's opinion that differs from his on any  issue is therefore an anti-Apple troll since he is the Oracle of Cupertino. (At least in his own mind) Don't bother trying to have an actual debate or discussion since all you will get are snarky one line comments. 
 I don't see that happening anytime soon. The only way Apple will hurt Samsung is if they make a larger iPhone around 5". Once you are used to a larger display smartphone is is extremely difficult if not almost unfathomable to consider using a 4" screen again. But once Apple make a larger display Samsung would then have no where to hide and I predict their sales would drastically decrease. 
The only experience I have ever had with Blackberry are the ones that grow wild in my yard and the kind I put on my toast. Ironic since it seems this Blackberry is also toast.
Surface 2, Surface Pro, Windows 8 Mobile, Windows RT.....it really doesn't matter. They are all DOA and niche products. Having said that they really aren't half bad but about 3 years too late to make a difference now and missed the target audience.Too small of an app ecosystem and also too expensive (at least for the Pro). They fail at tablets and also fail as laptops.  No one cares anymore and Android and iOS won. No room for a 3rd also ran. Microsoft should just start...
Well count me in as one waiting for a gold iPhone 5s 64GB. I wanted a larger display but I can live with 4" one more year and all the other goodies on the update as well as the Apple quality, ecosystem, etc.. kept me loyal.   I was up at 3AM and needed to order from Sprint.com and not Apple since I have a special grandfathered plan that means I can't buy from Apple or any other 3rd party retailer and keep my plan since it is not in their system. I was finally was able to...
 Really? I never would have guessed. My point is they could very easily make an option in settings to remove that restriction or adjust it to whatever level we like. Some with low data plans might even appreciate a 10MB cap for example. Why not allow the users who know their plans best to be able to adjust it instead of this one size fits all approach. 
I wish they would not have a cap at all. I have unlimited data and access to LTE so the cap is nothing but a burden to me. 
For those of us selling our iPhones to buy a new one I wonder if it isn't better to leave iOS 6 on there. The reason being is the buyer will have a choice to upgrade to iOS 7 if they wish but downgrading is not an option. Some may actually prefer iOS 6 for whatever reason. 
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