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 Exact that you are completely and utterly wrong. Although they resemble each other to a certain degree they are all very different. T-Mobile deserves credit for being the first however and kudos to them for changing things up a bit. But the prices and policies couldn't be different like you are asserting.   
 Sprint has given me anywhere from a $50 to as much as $100 credit for renewing my contract. I called last week and they applied a $50 credit which helps a bit. 
 This should explain what is going on there. This is the very last page but go back a few.http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/3468-network-visionlte-minnesota-market/page-55
 Ha ha. Anyone with bad service absolutely should switch and I never said otherwise. I switched from AT&T for the exact same reason their coverage at my house sucked. Just out of curiosity has Sprint rolled out LTE to your city yet? Here in Georgia we were among the very first markets to get LTE and it was like night and day from the old 3G CDMA speeds. You can check here also for better info than even the official Sprint coverage map on proposed LTE schedules because it...
 Nonsense. With ALL carriers your mileage will vary and it can even vary within a few miles of your house. You can't judge an entire network based off your personal experience. Now I will agree that 3G can be like dial up and that can apply to Verizon as well since they also use CDMA. It also sounds like you didn't have LTE in your city or possibly your phone. But if you live in a city serviced by LTE then it is very fast. You also have to understand that this year they...
 Virgin Mobile isn't the only option out there. Pageplus is very cheap and works on Verizon. There are also many more like Straight Talk and others. There are plenty of options that you could use that would work where you live and are very affordable.
 What do you feel is an affordable enough a plan for you? Virgin Mobile offers a beyond talk plan with unlimited data (throttled to 3G after around 2.5GB) for only $30 a month. There are also plenty of other options to choose from that even someone who only works part-time at a minimum wage job could afford. It is very ironic that the poster here who has commented more on the iPhone than the rest of us combined doesn't even own or use one but is so quick to tell us how...
 Subsidy smubsidy. The cost of the iPhone is tiny fraction of your 2 year costs. Your monthly bill and how much data.voice minutes/texts you get for that are the only real things that matter. I pay $50  a month ($57 including all taxes) on Sprint and get unlimited everything including LTE data which I think is probably among the best deals in the country . That would run me well over $100 a month on Verizon or AT&T for a decent amount of data but even then not unlimited...
Wizening isn't even a word and even wizen doesn't even mean smart which is the meaning you were after so not only did you make up a word but you misspelled the word you were going for. Wizen means shriveled or wrinkled and there are rumors of a larger iPhone which also includes a few rumors about a 6".
I honestly don't get their ad campaign attacking Apple. They are far more likely to get more people to switch from Android to Windows phones than from an iPhone. Also since Android has a larger user base that is a bigger group to target. It makes no sense. But then again this is Microsoft after all.
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