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 Virgin Mobile isn't the only option out there. Pageplus is very cheap and works on Verizon. There are also many more like Straight Talk and others. There are plenty of options that you could use that would work where you live and are very affordable.
 What do you feel is an affordable enough a plan for you? Virgin Mobile offers a beyond talk plan with unlimited data (throttled to 3G after around 2.5GB) for only $30 a month. There are also plenty of other options to choose from that even someone who only works part-time at a minimum wage job could afford. It is very ironic that the poster here who has commented more on the iPhone than the rest of us combined doesn't even own or use one but is so quick to tell us how...
 Subsidy smubsidy. The cost of the iPhone is tiny fraction of your 2 year costs. Your monthly bill and how much data.voice minutes/texts you get for that are the only real things that matter. I pay $50  a month ($57 including all taxes) on Sprint and get unlimited everything including LTE data which I think is probably among the best deals in the country . That would run me well over $100 a month on Verizon or AT&T for a decent amount of data but even then not unlimited...
Wizening isn't even a word and even wizen doesn't even mean smart which is the meaning you were after so not only did you make up a word but you misspelled the word you were going for. Wizen means shriveled or wrinkled and there are rumors of a larger iPhone which also includes a few rumors about a 6".
I honestly don't get their ad campaign attacking Apple. They are far more likely to get more people to switch from Android to Windows phones than from an iPhone. Also since Android has a larger user base that is a bigger group to target. It makes no sense. But then again this is Microsoft after all.
I hope this isn't a mistake. I went to sprint.com to see about pre-orders for the 5s and noticed that the price for the 16GB was only $99 and the 32GB only $199 and the 64GB was $299. That is a $100 discount. I may be tempted to now get the 64GB version instead of the 32GB for that price. 
Will our iPhone 5 battery cases work for the 5s? I know it is practically identical but wondering about the extra flash for the camera. Just wondering if the case will cover that flash or not. 
Will we be able to use sites or apps like Paypal, Amazon, and others to log in with just the fingerprint or will still have to manually type those in? That would really be an exiting feature that I would absolutely love. If the Touch ID can only be used to unlock my phone then it won't be nearly as useful since I can type my passcode pretty damn fast as it is. 
 You are exactly correct. Apple will make a lrger screen next year. I think they felt it was just too much change to release yet another new model this year. Apple  tends to like to do things very incrementally. They always tend to leave a few things off to make you want to buy the next model that much sooner. This year it was all about the 5C and Touch ID. Next year, possibly as soon as April, we will see a larger display iPhone and it will also include AC wifi which they...
 Oh my God you just can't or refuse to get the point. Sometimes there simply aren't any outlets. Whether it is on a plane, a beach, a mountain or wherever. So stop trying to tell actual iPhone 5 owners to shut up and go away or liars when you don't have a fracking clue what you are even talking about. Your antique 1st gen 4GB iPhone is less capable than even old iPod touches so that hardly comes close to the battery use of an iPhone 5 with LTE that is also activated.  The...
New Posts  All Forums: