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 I agree with your post 100% and said as much in my other comments. When I watched the video and the camera panned to the audience there was almost a sense of Fremdschämen which means sort of vicarious shame or embarrassment. The audience just seemed uncomfortable to be there.  I also just can't understand why no 128GB version. Would it really cost Apple more than a few bucks to switch to 32/64/128? Or at least offer a 128GB version for another $100? This is the same...
To cut right to the chase, Apple announced at its live event today two new iPhone models: high end iPhone 5S and mid range iPhone 5C. Both are coming to Sprint and both support Sprint LTE -- but only dual band Sprint LTE. The new crop of iPhone models for the next year will not be tri band LTE handsets on Sprint. The LTE bands supported by iPhone 5S (A1453) and iPhone 5C (A1456) are substantial and as follows: band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 13, 17, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26. For Sprint...
I didn't watch the whole video (I skipped the parts about new Apple stores and others boring PR  bits) but did anyone else notice how subdued the audience was? Very little applause and it was not very enthusiastic. The Apple team on stage also just didn't appear to me at least to be that excited either. The tension and discomfort was almost palpable. Contrast that with the WWDC event and you will quickly see what I mean.    I really feel like Apple missed a great chance...
 You have a contract when you got your current Applecare. They will not alter the terms on that. It would apply only to new Applecare policies purchased
 And you guys wonder why the iPhone cost more over there. That and your VAT should clue you in on why the prices are higher. 
 Yes I do. Do you also think someone at Apple really likes mustard? The 5S color choices remind me of yellow, dijon, or german mustard colors. Very bizarre choices in my opinion. It is almost as if they chose the least popular colors from existing cases intentionally with the exception of the black and blue ones. 
3rd party case makers just breathed a sigh of relief. I don't see them losing too many customers to these spectacularly ugly cases. 
 That is why they are called accidents. No one want to drop and break their iPhone but it can happen because...welll...you know..they are freaking ACCIDENTS! Thanks for your great insight though. Only you could manage to shift the blame to the consumer when they increase prices by $30.
 Couldn't have said it better myself. The colors, the style.... nothing to like about them. Those dots look like some connect 4 board or other pre-k type toy. 
 People with an iPhone 5 are not really the market since most of them will be under contract for at least 6 or more months before they can get an upgrade credit. This phone is meant to entice the 4S and 4 owners to upgrade. For them it is actually a pretty substantial upgrade. 
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