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Since I always have and always will use a case with an extended battery for protection and extra juice the color or design of a new iPhone really is unimportant to my decision. But I don't think it looks as bad as some people here seem to think. Only having 2 colors for a long time is getting a bit boring. I will definitely be choosing a new color case for my next phone as I am tired of black. I prefer darker colors though so hope I can find a dark blue case. 
  That is what I think as well. It will replace the 4, 4S and the 5. It will also very likely include the new Qualcomm RF360 front end which means Apple can make one model of the iPhone 5C and 5S instead of the 3 or 4 they need to make now. They will still make numerous models based on colors and storage but those are relatively minor compared to the current need for making 3 of each SKU. This alone will result in an incredible cost savings.    I also find it very...
I use it all the time and it works fine for me. It could be an issue on your end with your ISP, router, computer, firewall, or any number of issues. Just because you are having problems with Skype you can't make a blanket statement that it is bad. Although I will admit I prefer the old interface of Skype over the newer version which is more confusing. 
And taking the snarky combative approach is so apropos for you. I know I would love my friends of family to try and tell me what phone, tablet, or computer to buy. /s    Skype is here, it is free, and it works now on all platforms. And like the other poster said I can transfer files and do so much more than FaceTime. Best of all I don't have to piss off my contacts by trying to tell them what they should buy or use since it is none of my business unless they ask for my...
Yeah that is SO much easier than just using Skype which already works on all devices. Why didn't I think of that. 
Don't be so obtuse. Do you think Apple will never increase the storage size and leave it at 16/32/64 forever? Storage prices now for a 32/64/128 line up are probably about the same if not cheaper than smaller amounts several years ago. If the 5S is going to look largely the same as the iPhone 5 I can see Apple doubling the storage as a way to increase the perceived value and get people to buy this version instead of choosing to skip it and wait for the iPhone 6 or even...
I care. Facetime only works on iOS devices and in case you haven't noticed the majority of devices in use are not running iOS. SInce I can't control what device my friends and family choose to buy I need Skype to communicate with people on Android or even on  Windows computers. Skype offers true interoperability and is platform agnostic whereas FaceTime is far more limited audience. Apple should open FaceTime to other platforms if they seriously want to compete with Skype. 
Most people that will use Skype on an iPad will do so at home or at least on a wifi connection somewhere. LTE will also handle this very easily and I have unlimited LTE data on Sprint so I wouldn't need to worry about how much data a Skype video call would use. 
You have it wrong. You could substitute iPhone 5 for what I wrote above for 5S and those are the current prices now. So yes I am saying the 5S will stay exactly the same as now.    The 5C prices will essentially replace the 4 and 4S in pricing compared to the current model
They have two screen sizes now with the iPhone 5 at 4" and the 4S and 4 at 3.5" so all I am saying is to keep the two options but at 4" and anywhere between 4.7" and 5" for the second option.    As far as the upper limit for me, I think 5" with 1920*1080 would be perfect for me and much easier on my eyes and still very portable. The Galaxy S4 and HTC One both fit very easily in my pocket and viewing content was so much nicer. Whenever I use my iPad for a while I have...
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