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Do other companies like Samsung have to wait an extra 2 months to get their approval as well? Why does it take this long to approve a substantially similar phone to the one it is replacing. It seems like Apple didn't grease the right palms in Beijing. 
Like you I also would love a la carte channel selection if (and a very big if) it were priced lower than what I currently pay. But the reality is that a la carte channel selection would result in higher monthly bills not cheaper. We would paying the same amount for the 10 channels we really want as we pay now for the 150 we may not watch.    This short video explains...
Yeah it really does solve your problem since you would never again see a channel you don't subscribe to and have to look at that message again. The only other solution would be to subscribe to the channels so you don't see that error message. Do you expect to be able to watch HBO or other channels where you see this message without paying for them? I gave you a solution you obviously were unaware existed. You are welcome. 
  Are you actually serious? It may differ depending on who you use but very simple to go into menu settings and edit your favorite channels and choose your channel list and choose not to display certain channels in your guide. I removed all the channels I don't subscribe to as well as about 100 more I can watch but never will. 
As long as the content for the AppleTV is delivered by cable companies or by DSL or fiber these companies still have plenty of leverage. There is a whole lot of mischief they could cause if they chose to do so. 
  You better check that link you gave again because it also points to a "meteoric" rise in larger displays. I have read several articles recently saying this is a $50B market.   Here you go: http://www.forbes.com/sites/petercohan/2013/06/13/can-apple-compete-with-samsung-in-46-billion-phablet-market/ and another http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/key-growth-potential-phablets-market-000000408.html "The phablet market is huge and growing. It has been forecast that global...
It matters because I will get a lot more money every time I sell them to buy a new iPhone if they are in like new condition. So for that reason alone it is a very important consideration. Secondly the case is not just about protecting from scratches it is about protecting it from serious damage if dropped. I don't know anyone who spends time admiring their phone beyond possibly the first few minutes after you take it out of the box. 
  I hope you realize Dodge is owned by Chrysler.    I honestly do not see how a plastic phone would cheapen the brand one iota especially since the iPhone 3 and 3GS were plastic. I have no idea why Apple chose to go this route and like you can only speculate. I would guess that their research might have shown people don't want a new "old" phone and instead want a new "new" phone. Perhaps they will also save money vs. continuing to make so many different configurations if...
You really like car similes. Too bad they couldn't be more wrong. Very few people can afford a Ferrari but the vast majority of people can afford to pay $199 for the base iPhone model on contract. Just because Apple doesn't sell dirt cheap smart phones doesn't make the ones they do sell premium. They cost around the same as the Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One and less than some other phones like the Note 2 and soon 3. The iPhone costs the same as other smart phones in that...
Always is a pretty strong word. Scientists are improving the quality and durability of plastics all the time. I have a drawer full of older plastic phones and none have cracked and they certainly did't use a plastic anywhere close to as good as what the iPhone 5C will use.    Kevlar is a type of plastic and is 5 times stronger than steel less you forget. 
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