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 Couldn't have said it better myself. The colors, the style.... nothing to like about them. Those dots look like some connect 4 board or other pre-k type toy. 
 People with an iPhone 5 are not really the market since most of them will be under contract for at least 6 or more months before they can get an upgrade credit. This phone is meant to entice the 4S and 4 owners to upgrade. For them it is actually a pretty substantial upgrade. 
No real surprises here. The leaks and rumors over the last few weeks and months pretty much nailed everything. I was hoping there would be some nice surprise like doubling the storage to 32/64/128 instead of keeping it at 16/32/64. Also wondering if it will use the Qualcomm RF360 front end or not since that wasn't mentioned.  Maybe I will feel differently when I can watch the actual video but right now I am feeling a little let down. 
 What happens when you want to make a call? And don't tell me to get Skype or similar because the call quality can suck unless you get a very strong signal whereas a traditional voice call can still work even out in the boonies? What about 911 calls? What about texts? and not to mention the fact that it is not cheaper service considering you can get unlimited calls/text/data on an iPhone for about the same price as 3GB of data on a data only plan. Then of course there is...
 All you are saying is that I like what I have now so screw everyone else for not liking what I like. When Apple releases a larger iPhone they will continue to make a 4" version so you will not be effected in the least. Why do people like you get so upset at the thought that Apple might offer others a choice?  As far as your stupid suggestion of using an iPad mini, I have an iPad which I use at home. I hardly use my iPhone at home in fact. We are talking about when you...
It seems a lot of people never read the story of Goldilocks and the three bears as a child. Whenever a story about a larger iPhone pops up you always have someone saying just use an iPad as a larger iPhone.  There is a massive vacuum between a small 4" screen and a too large iPad Mini. If Apple decides to make a 4", 5" and a 6" version that is fine by me. Personally I would choose the 5" model which allows portability and a large enough screen size to be comfortable to use. 
If Apple makes a larger iPhone they will need to address the large chin & forehead issue that takes up so much space currently. Here is what I would hope for from Apple.     
I can see Apple moving to two product cycles a year with a larger 4.8" iPhone in the spring and continuing to release the two 4" versions in September. It amazes me that some people still doubt that Apple will continue to ignore this market.  A larger iPhone is coming and the question is not "if" but when. Interesting that the same people that doubted the iPad Mini are the same ones that doubt a larger iPhone. You would think they would learn by now. 
One thing Samsung got right on the Note 3 and the GS4 is increasing the display size while keeping the actual phone about the same size. The forehead and the chin areas of the iPhone takes up a lot of space. The iconic home button will likely remain circular instead of oblong so not much they can do to reduce the footprint of the chin area but surely they could reduce the forehead area. Right now I am debating whether to get the Note 3 or iPhone 5S. I really want the...
 I think you made some great points. Apple will be able to offer all parts of the Trusted platform. Having said that I don't see payment by phone over actually just using your credit card catching on very soon unless several things fall into place. All my credit cards for example are cash back cards. They offer promotions like 5% cash back on gas for certain periods. They also offer an additional one year extended warranty on anything I buy. Unless I can keep getting those...
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