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Absolutely. Texting is horrible. I would love to have a larger keyboard that also includes the number keys and other symbols. Games, web browsing, videos, well pretty much any app just looks better on a larger display.   I agree they shouldn't be all over the place. Just have 2 sizes of 4" and somewhere around 5". Developers will moan and groan a little bit like they did when resolutions have changed in the past but they will get over it and adapt their apps very quickly. 
A guest account on my iPhone would have saved me a lot of fights over the years with some things I would have preferred to remain for my eyes only. 
What complexity? How hard would it to have an app or setting to allow you to switch to another account? That is no more difficult or challenging that setting up the passcode lock. In fact it could be on the passcode lock screen. SImply place an icon for 2 accounts on that screen and choose the account you want to access and enter your passcode. Does that sound complex to you?
Bingo you get a prize. But also don't forget the rapidly aging population in 1st world countries. For most people once you hit 40 eyesight can be a big issue and a larger screen just makes it a far better experience. even people with perfect vision can  prefer a larger display for any variety of reasons. Choice is a good thing.
  Apples and oranges. I bought my iPad and my iPhone but at certain times you might let someone use it for a very brief time, even for a few minutes. Sometimes with your permission and sometimes without.  For anyone with wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, or other snooping people that you would prefer not to have full access to your iPhone or iPad I am sure you will understand where I am coming from.   Not to mention the ability to prevent kids from racking up big...
"Google also showed off the newest build of its Android operating system, version 4.3. Still under the Jelly Bean moniker, version 4.3 brings multi-user restricted profiles, allowing users to set parental controls governing how other profiles can access in-app purchases. It also brings Bluetooth Smart integration, allowing devices running 4.3 to interface with low-energy, wearable devices."   This I think is the most interesting point of the article. For families...
Do you mean your friend's iPhone 5 or a 5" phone?    I own an iPhone 5 but get to use my friends S4 and HTC One quite a lot and it is just so much nicer to have that big screen to look at which makes me a bit jealous and on the fence if I will switch or not this year. I am waiting to see what the 5S offers before I decide but for me screen size will probably trump iOS 7 or anything else. 
Restricted multi-user integration is a smart move and one I wish Apple would implement. When I let someone use my iPad I hate the fact that they have full access to my emails, texts, and other personal info. Of course this is also useful to prevent kids from in-app purchases.
If you don't like it then don't buy it. There is nothing wrong with choice and variety. The metal iPhone will still be around. Apple can't continue to simply sell 2 and 3 year old phones as their only affordable option. People like new models which is why 2013 cars are immediately discounted as soon as the 2014 is released even though they may be identical.    As soon as I learned about the Qualcomm RF360 I knew this iPhone lite was inevitable. It is meant to replace...
Exactly. I think many were hoping for a larger iPhone this year but I understand why Apple will first standardize on 4" and allow developers a little more time to catch up with that before they introduce another resolution that will come with a larger iPhone. So this year it will be the iPhone lite and next the the iPhone Pro. They will then have a very solid product matrix to compete in every sector except budget phones where they do not want to compete since there is so...
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