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No in reality I have an iPhone 5 and have used a HTC One, a HTC DNA, and a Samsung Galaxy S4 and found reading text far easier on the larger displays. Especially in games like Modern War where the text is tiny it can be very hard to read on the iPhone but very easy to read on larger phones. The same applies to other apps with fixed font sizes for menu and GUI type app specific fonts. You are promoting your preference and personal bias onto other people instead of...
Hardly irrelevant. If you had an iPhone 5 with 4" and one with 5" which then would you use most. I know I certainly would prefer a larger iPhone and find my iPhone 5 annoying to use due to the smallish display. This is the one deficiency I find with the iPhone that may or may not apply to other people. But certainly a choice between the current and a larger size would make many more people very happy. 
Probably the same place they hold nearly all their big events. Moscone center. 
Amen to that. It really sucks that it looks like we will have to wait one more year for that. iOS 7 along with a iPhone 5C and the fingerprint sensor on the 5S should see them through next year until it is ready. 
Apple won't announce a new iPhone unless they are ready to ship very soon. No more than a week later would be my guess.   Seems one prolific poster that kept predicting October and told people to "shut up and go away" if they said September has some crow to eat. 
Unfortunately I think you are right. With Samsung stumbling with the S4 this would have been a great year to really shake things up and offer both an iPhone 5C along with a larger screened iPhone. The iPhone 5C will likely sell in larger volume than a mild refresh of the iPhone 5. Next year is probably when the iPhone I have been waiting for will get released.    I wonder if Apple will continue to make the standard iPhone in 4" if they release a larger one next year. I am...
Yes, you can buy an S4 with stock Android as well as an HTC one on the Google play store but at full price.    https://play.google.com/store/devices/details/Samsung_Galaxy_S_4?id=samsung_galaxy_s4&hl=en
Nope, try again. He said his expectations are that the 5S will be a normal evolutionary upgrade similar to the 4 and 4S. But he said he hoped Apple had more up their sleeve and were just better at secrecy and will surprise us. That is not trolling in the least. In fact I would think most readers here would agree with him and hope the 5S will offer more surprises than the rumors have indicated. I hope for a 4.8" screen but I certainly don't expect it this year.
I think that even if Samsung decided they eventually wanted to switch completely to Tizen in the future this will be a very slow process while they continue to offer versions in both Android and Tizen. This could last for several years until they think they could fully make the switch. Maybe they will offer the Galaxy S5 in both Android and Tizen versions. Tizen will also need to be able to run Android apps at native or close to native speed for customers to even...
Good point. This leak doesn't really tell us too much in any event. I hope the flagship iPhone includes a lot more reasons to buy it over a plastic iPhone than just the fact that it is made out of aluminum. I hope it includes a much, much faster CPU/GPU, more ram, more storage, the fingerprint scanner would be nice as well. Every time I see an iPhone 5 it is behind a plastic case as is mine. Not sure what percentage use cases but I bet it is a very significant number....
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