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I'm assuming you missed the post I was replying to where the guy said he was going to buy a Chromecast and also thought he needed to buy a Nexus tablet as well. 
But even a single user often can need 2 separate accounts to make life easier. One corporate one personal for example.    Blackberry also did that for their new OS and that feature was widely praised for exactly that reason. On my Mac I have 3 users accounts just for myself because I need them. 
  If you have all Apple products including a Mac why not just use the free Chrome browser on OS X to stream to Chromecast? No need to buy an Android device. 
$20 bucks after a 3 free month Netflix credit is an amazing deal. Personally I prefer my PS3 and the ability to just sit on the sofa and switch from regular TV to Netflix without an added layer of complexity by using my computer or phone to stream the content. But I can see this product selling very well. Great impulse buy and gift option. 
So Google figured out these problems on 4.3 and so did Apple on OS X but you think they can't on iOS.... I have no idea how it should be implemented, that was just off the top of my head. But I am sure it could be done. And like other features in iOS that you may not use you would be free to ignore this one as well. It astounds me that people could possibly be against a guest user account. It is like the inmates arguing against changing the jail lunch menu and offer...
Absolutely. Texting is horrible. I would love to have a larger keyboard that also includes the number keys and other symbols. Games, web browsing, videos, well pretty much any app just looks better on a larger display.   I agree they shouldn't be all over the place. Just have 2 sizes of 4" and somewhere around 5". Developers will moan and groan a little bit like they did when resolutions have changed in the past but they will get over it and adapt their apps very quickly. 
A guest account on my iPhone would have saved me a lot of fights over the years with some things I would have preferred to remain for my eyes only. 
What complexity? How hard would it to have an app or setting to allow you to switch to another account? That is no more difficult or challenging that setting up the passcode lock. In fact it could be on the passcode lock screen. SImply place an icon for 2 accounts on that screen and choose the account you want to access and enter your passcode. Does that sound complex to you?
Bingo you get a prize. But also don't forget the rapidly aging population in 1st world countries. For most people once you hit 40 eyesight can be a big issue and a larger screen just makes it a far better experience. even people with perfect vision can  prefer a larger display for any variety of reasons. Choice is a good thing.
  Apples and oranges. I bought my iPad and my iPhone but at certain times you might let someone use it for a very brief time, even for a few minutes. Sometimes with your permission and sometimes without.  For anyone with wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, or other snooping people that you would prefer not to have full access to your iPhone or iPad I am sure you will understand where I am coming from.   Not to mention the ability to prevent kids from racking up big...
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