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  I think the vast majority of people use a case so it really doesn't matter a great deal what it looks like or what it is made of at the end of the day since it will likely be in a case. 
I am curious how the names will change if they make a more affordable and possibly a larger screen iPhone as well by next year while keeping the current model. They will all be called iPhone but the new ones will probably have an extra part in their name. Maybe the larger one will be called iPhone Pro or iPhone+. The more affordable one will be tougher to name since it will likely have a 4" display just like current iPhone. 
Yes the details and facts in this article are very dubious. But I think it is highly likely that Apple will offer a more affordable iPhone. The normal iPhone will likely have 2GB ram and more storage and other advantages like a faster CPU/GPU. Apple knows they need a mid range phone to expand and there is still plenty of room for a nice fat margin. I expect it to cost around $450 off contract with no subsidies. 
Wish I had heard about this last week. Were these free apps listed here on AI?
I doubt this includes Xbox360, Wii, or PS3 since these offer Netflix, Hulu, and many other services. Anyone with one of these consoles would not need a Roku or AppleTV. I use my PS3 for all my streaming including from my Mac Pro through Plex in addition to Netflix.
  Of course you are correct. I have a DVI-HDMI cable, is it fair to call it a HDMI cable? No, because that would require HDMI on both ends. A USB-lightning cable doesn't magically transfer data faster than a micro-USB or mini-USB. It still transfers the data at standard USB2 speed.     Let's assume Apple make a Thunderbolt to lightning cable. Would it transfer at thunderbolt or USB2 speed? The memory used in the iPhone and iPad is not even fast enough to even take full...
First of all I own and use an iPhone not an Android so I have no idea where that came from.  I don't blindly support or advocate Android or iOS/iPhone for that matter. I have complaints about both. iOS 7 looks to have answered most of my wish list for iOS and if Apple releases a larger display I won't have anything left to complain about.   I simply pointed out that iOS has not been immune as that other poster suggested. I understand that there is a lot more malware on...
Not sure if you can say zero for iOS.     http://www.pcworld.com/article/258803/watch_out_trojan_horse_found_in_the_ios_app_store.html   http://www.h-online.com/security/news/item/FinFisher-trojan-for-iOS-and-Android-sighted-1695754.html
In his defense he has never denied that he was Corrections. He has also thanked people for pointing out certain typos from time to time. He has never once denied that this was his account and the name alone makes it fairly obvious.    I am pretty sure most people wanted you to separate ( the verb form pronounced sepəˌrāt not the adjective) from ever posting on AI again.  I would be careful asking AI to ban DED's account since he actually draws viewers here especially so...
A bit disingenuous to start your story off with a line that  you "interviewed" Steve Jobs when in reality you asked a question at a stock holders meeting. An interview implies a face to face detailed conversation or at the very least a series of questions or something a little more intimate than asking a question over a mic far away in a crowded room. You can also have telephone or Skype interviews, but again I would think that would mean a series of questions. This...
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