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  When discussing a product be it an iPhone, a car, or a blender for that matter you are likely to have a much more engaging discussion with someone that actually owns and uses said product. That is just common sense. Unless you actually own an iPhone how can you comment on your likes or dislikes of XYZ features? You can't. It is the equivalent of a guy that owns a hyundai going to a BMW forum and trying to follow the conversation about how it takes turns at high speeds...
  I agree that a larger version of the iPhone would very likely outsell the current 4" version. The only way it wouldn't is if Apple prices it insanely high in price by comparison. If they are priced the same it would easily outsell the 4" model. One reason for the lower sales of the 17" MBP is that Apple priced them just too high compared to the nearly identical 15" versions. They certainly sold in greater quantity than the Mac Pro which was not discontinued. The main...
Only someone without a clue how hardware authentication works would make such naive comments. M'Kay Mr. Mackey. How exactly would current iPhones and iPads be expected to authenticate cables if they changed the standard? Wow you are batting a cool .000 today. 
Nope, that was another poster not me. I simply pointed out his spelling and grammar mistakes in the German he typed. As to his "parsing" Japanese words and speaking Irish, God only knows what he means by that. Perhaps he learned to say Erin go bragh and now claims fluency. 
Nope, wrong again. This is a hardware encoding and the point version of an iOS update would never block use of a lightning cable since that would also potentially block legitimate cables or people that had not updated. Besides the fact that the encoding and authentication in lightning has nothing whatsoever to do with an iOS point release. 
it is nicht not niche and using a colloquial expression in German to call me crazy or not all there is a personal attack.  I am pretty sure personal attacks are not allowed in any language. I proved my point your German sucks, you couldn't even write "I speak german" correctly and try and make excuses.Sie haben noch nie gesprochen gut Deutsch.
Your original post before you changed it actually said "NO INSULTS!" in all caps.    You are the last person that should ever tell anyone to refrain from insults. Or do you subscribe to the "Do as I say not as I do" school of thought? You call people on this forum stupid nearly every day. 
It appears you meant to type Ich haben Deutsch sprechen  which means "I have to speak German". No reason to use the verb "to have" in any other context but I think you were trying to say "I speak German" and that would be Ich spreche Deutsch and I know this because I actually speak German. Not sure what you mean by you can parse a few words in Japanese, but I would guess you have tried to memorize some terms from an anime song. Either you speak a language or you don't...
  Pot meet kettle since you posted this only yesterday.    
  Once again you have no idea why these companies make their decisions nor do you have the slightest idea about their pricing or supply issues. If you care to list specific criticisms or comparisons of certain features or models I will be glad to engage you in conversation but your broad generalizations are all over the place. So go have a glass of porto and enjoy some tapas and cool down. Samsung really is not the anti-christ or an incarnation of evil. They are just a...
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