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Oh, the irony.  ;)
The really great thing about these threads is that they expose a growing number of people who do not think.  They don't think about the words they use or the things they say.  They have begun devolving into people who knee-jerk their reactions without any consideration for logic, reason, or rationality.  These reactions are almost always some immature emotional response that will take anything that doesn't appear to be "100% SUPPORT" and view it as if it is "100%...
Who asked for your opinion?
The liberal solution to everything is to give it money because it is all they care about.  and with that statement you join the target of your own criticism.
How is it "selfless" to donate your money to charity after you die?  
Wow, and this time its a really high quality set of headphones instead of those beats turds!
If Hitler had promoted his new Jewish Community Centers, and offered free train rides for the whole family, he would have been about as intellectually and verbally honest as the filthy communist pigs who coined the term "Net Neutrality".
clearly you do not even understand what he actually said.  You are knee-jerking to the fact that you sense he does not share your viewpoint. "listen to him?"  what did he instruct you to do?  What about his post wasn't spot-on?  
 The telephone isn't a public forum, its a private communication.  Sure, "just try it and see", because if it doesn't work out Government always gives power back once its been taken.  Like they stop collecting tolls and taxes once they have the money they need.  Your ignorance truly astounds.  I would expect an argument like this from a 3rd grader.
Sure, sure Einstein, and you can guarantee that the FCC won't ever require a license to build a website or post a blog, right?  Yeah, thought so.  Geniuses, all of you. /sarcasm
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