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LOL, good point.
Sorkin is an uncreative writer whose drama-queen approach to steve jobs will flop, because so much of the story is already known. He will not be able to pass off his ridiculously over-dramatic nonsense in this context. I saw the trailer and almost puked. Every word spoken was west-wing shite.
I don't see how this is Apple's responsibility.  For everything stated in this article, it is also true that most of the comments are accurate.  These companies DO create seriously agitating, nuisance ads, and they track without permission in any way they can.   Every time I search some random thing on Google and then show up to Apple Insider, I see the same images of that thing flooding every single ad in sight on the pages of AI for the next week.   Do you think the...
Oh, the irony.  ;)
The really great thing about these threads is that they expose a growing number of people who do not think.  They don't think about the words they use or the things they say.  They have begun devolving into people who knee-jerk their reactions without any consideration for logic, reason, or rationality.  These reactions are almost always some immature emotional response that will take anything that doesn't appear to be "100% SUPPORT" and view it as if it is "100%...
Who asked for your opinion?
The liberal solution to everything is to give it money because it is all they care about.  and with that statement you join the target of your own criticism.
How is it "selfless" to donate your money to charity after you die?  
Wow, and this time its a really high quality set of headphones instead of those beats turds!
New Posts  All Forums: