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Wow, and this time its a really high quality set of headphones instead of those beats turds!
If Hitler had promoted his new Jewish Community Centers, and offered free train rides for the whole family, he would have been about as intellectually and verbally honest as the filthy communist pigs who coined the term "Net Neutrality".
clearly you do not even understand what he actually said.  You are knee-jerking to the fact that you sense he does not share your viewpoint. "listen to him?"  what did he instruct you to do?  What about his post wasn't spot-on?  
 The telephone isn't a public forum, its a private communication.  Sure, "just try it and see", because if it doesn't work out Government always gives power back once its been taken.  Like they stop collecting tolls and taxes once they have the money they need.  Your ignorance truly astounds.  I would expect an argument like this from a 3rd grader.
Sure, sure Einstein, and you can guarantee that the FCC won't ever require a license to build a website or post a blog, right?  Yeah, thought so.  Geniuses, all of you. /sarcasm
"Blinded by hate?"  If ever there was a partisan, lying, propagandic, libelous, sycophantic post, this is it.
The most accurate and forboding assessment yet.  Even the horror that I can accurately predict (like imminent taxation and speech regulation) will pale in comparison to what we can not predict the government will do.Shame on the people who support this heinous power grab.
Step 1: FCC takes control over internet Step 2: FCC enacts new internet access taxes to fund FCCs unlawful takeover and monitoring of the internet Step 3: FCC begins enacting regulations that control what you can and can not say on the internet. Step 4: FCC rules that you obtain an FCC permit to create websites Step 5: FCC shuts down any website that FCC does not approve of, to shift according to which political party is in power.   Never, ever, ever trust your...
If apple broke the law, then spank them, as hard as you would spank any other company. They can afford it. Anti-poaching is monopolistic and frankly, 325 mil doesn't seem like enough for all the people who would have been affected by their manufactured inability to seek a better life for themselves in the free market.
Its a bigger pity that some people think those things don't already exist and need to be measured and regulated by a liberal government. Its a bigger pity that most minorities aren't interested in doing what so many successful white men are.  Because white men are so....white, and nerdy, with their good grades, and hard work, what a bunch of chumps.  Who would wanna be like that?hint: The wealthy.
New Posts  All Forums: