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The workers involved will probably get a few hundred bucks while the lawyers running this clown show will reap millions. That's the real travesty. Those lawyers will get upwards of 40% of the total take when its all said and done, leaving little for the people most affected.
It should be an Onion story, but there will always be some anti-white or white-guilt liberal stain somewhere who will find a way to see some sort of oppression where none exists, and rally to fix an imaginary problem in the name of "equality"... God damn liberalism. "PS: I'm using scientific terms in physical anthropology and not any pejorative slang to which you may only be familiar." SolipsimX had to make this ridiculous disclaimer why? Because what I said above is...
Oh, must be an ignorant comment! (your dual 15" VGA rig isn't the benchmark that the professionals use)
and i thought it was just me. shit.
Hey MStone, why are Panamanians so hateful and ignorant? Is it their general lack of education, or their willingness to make comments about people and things they have zero experience with firsthand? In reality, that was rhetorical, I don't really care what you think.
Why is everybody so sure Apple isn't interested in Tesla? And why would apple be interested in Tesla's battery tech? Seems to me that Tesla should be interested in Apple's battery tech...
Thus far no carrier will implement a kill switch because when a phone is stolen and wiped it forces the old owner to buy a new one, plain and simple. The carriers don't go to too much trouble to deal with stolen phones because it would decrease their profits to do so. Currently it is easier to pay theft victims cursory attention and help them select a new phone at full price. As somebody who had an iPhone stolen, wiped and sold who-knows-where, I welcome this.
I thought a major part of the reason for the cash hoard is to avoid re-patriating cash and losing it to taxes. Correct me if I am wrong. If not, then how is it in the best interest of the shareholders to bring it back now and lose such a massive piece of it to the government? Also, If you're going to make statements about what AAPL should or should not do with its money, make sure you post how many shares you own so the rest of us can determine exactly the type of...
I'm a Sprint customer that came here from AT&T. I'm happy as a clam. AT&T sucked my white ass, and Sprint has been great. Go Sprint.
How come none of these articles mentions the additional premium fee (profit) that sothebys tacks on to each item sold? Because if its their usual 20-30 %, one aould think thempublic might like knowing how generous sothebys is or isnt when it comes to charities. Having attended an auction or two like ths and having been upcharged an additional 25% per item on TOP of the winning bid....it makes me curious because a million dollar sale was probably more like 1.25 million.
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