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+1 and deserves a repeat.As for a "crutch being a necessary support aid if used properly" addendum request, may I respectfully wish that the intellectually crippled on this rock, get well soon!
I guess you haven't considered that the floor might just drop out of the heirloom worth of a Rolex... kinda like bespoke horse saddles... within 35 years, and they only be valuable as the gold they contain.Give a kid a Rolex that they must keep and never sell because it's a family heirloom, or give them a new iDevice, or a working Apple Watch. You tell me which will will evoke more joy. I know the answer.
A quick search turned up the fact that there are slightly less than 10 million millionaires not including real estate in the US alone. I would venture a conservative guess that at least 50%.... 5 million... are carrying either the 5s, 6 or 6+ iPhone and are one of the 99% of customer sat scores. 1% (50k) of that number will surely take a look at the Edition, and Apple hasn't even crossed an ocean yet. I'm guessing supply will be constrained and that Apple will sell as...
My shot from the hip at the original event was only $5K and I caught some flak for that. Gruber was dead on. I'm slightly curious why Apple didn't create a MO video of the gold though.
Here's a tip from the days when I was also suffering on an internet connection that was far below broadband speeds.If you're using Firefox*, get the Ant Video Downloader add-on and download the video to be watched later directly from your computer.* The main reason i always have Firefox on all of my computers is for the Add-Ons. Safari (and Chrome) are faster for everyday use and I like to keep them "clean"; when you need extensions to do something fast, furious or...
This is what a "flat" and/or RAW file looks like before color grading. That's the intention of using one of these cameras or shooting in RAW on a DSLR: all color, saturation, sharpening, and in-camera processing is turned off so that you have the "cleanest" picture to "push" in post processing.
Your guess that it's a bandwidth problem is more than likely correct. Be sure to click on the HD bottom right and choose a lower res. It's the HD and the fact that Vimeo allows artists to upload videos without any further compression on Vimeo's part, that makes it the platform of choice for so many digital cinematographers.I will grant you that the site UIX does it no favors, and the iOS app is traditionally a PITA. Don't even bother unless you have a newer iPad Air and a...
Vimeo hosts most of the leading cinematographers and some of the most beautiful individual footage to be found in the world.I can only suggest: you're clicking on it wrong.
And *I* don't appreciate your secrecy.Especially since it might help others here to properly evaluate Pages for clients, but also because it might be a feature we could all get behind to lobby for a quick return to Pages.* Speaking for myself only... but it appears others might appreciate your "coming out" as well; and if for no other reason, do it for your standing within this community, which includes many people that have far more sway and experience with Apple than you...
Small feature so huge that you wrote TC... but don't say here what that feature is? Maybe someone might offer a work around... is that what you're afraid of?
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