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Your persuasive reviews are getting me to consider looking at one more seriously every day. Whether I would keep it for myself, doesn't matter. However, I still have certain Office-centric clients that I would love to get moving into the future one way or the other. Sad to say, that everyone seems to be fine with plopping down in front of some 5-10 year old WinBox 7... and pulling out their "desktop compromised" iPads/iPhones for the rest when on the go.
I knew there was something else that made me think of you besides the hippies... you're a "real musician" as a troll long ago would have said. Fully agree on that quote!Yes... I do agree. But then I take into account this device that I'm trying to do this on is only 4 years old... and the particular one I have in my hands (iPad Air) is a quantum leap already from the first ones available. That realization causes me to ponder what the future holds, and not beat the dice or...
Ah Benji... who's faking? After that thread a few weeks back with personal and national culinary delights (with pictures!)... can't you see that some of us "get off" on food?
Yours more than most... So you were agreeing with me that the big iPhones didn't come to soon and be underpowered or a "me too" product just to occupy the space, and Jony did it in a timely matter without rushing things? Me be shocked!As for Gollum... I'm missing the relationship to Apple and that cute little nekked guy coddling, and later searching for "precious".... Oh wait!.... shit... your wave length of "mysterious ways" just "Petered"*** out.*** "That's not my...
This seems to be the safest kind of blood-flow generator unless you're the betting kind. Wine is so over-rated! Amazing.. no? Actually, not really. I've always believed it was the fine frameworks that and the engineers at Apple that create them are for the most part the unsung heroes of their success. It was nice to see Apple lauding Chris Lattner and allowing him to present his baby Swift. They should do more of that, and I miss Bob Mansfield getting a ray of spotlight in...
Saw this and thought of you.... maybe lo-tech might be the answer to your woes... it's touch-enabled, but not sure how SSHing into your server and compiling an app might work? Ideas?
You missed the important part of ApplePay where the issuing bank has to authorize the card first. Which points back to my initial sceptisism: ApplePay may certainly work at many retailers... when German banks allow them to.
I don't agree, because once in awhile a very good, hard-core yet eloquent Troll Slayer gets awakened and he has the ability to entertain us with his creative, masterly counter replies. I'm speaking of the one and only.... Sllllllluuuuurrrrpyyyyyy! (In my best Michael Buffer written word announcing voice)...Seriously, his beat-downs give me a rush and I find very entertaining in the midst of often, quite silly mundane topics to be getting upset about in the first place.
If you haven't guessed... I like to make wild-eyed predictions, even though they're many times from snippets of info that I keep, like this article at ARS:Microsoft “loves Linux” as it makes Azure bigger, better -- 11 million servers, new giant VMs, and more third-party app support.Linux, the stepchild of UNIX... which puts Microsoft's embracing it all the more curious and intriguing. I've said for years that MS must drop the NT kernel at some point. We all know that's not...
Thanks for the reply and yes, I've read that link earlier in the week. Very interesting indeed!
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