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Um... have you ever experienced real cocaine? From your post, possibly your age and location... I don't think so.FYI: you'd have to be at least in your teens or older before the mid-'80's or crack hit the streets... then you just might know what you're talking about.
Well actually there were discussions I saw on the web about calling it by its Engilsh name nine rather than "neun" for exactly the joke PhilBoogie was getting at.BTW: for a lot of young people sprinkling English throughout their German is the cool thing to do, kinda like the use of ├╝ber in English conversation.
In just a few weeks I believe you'll have your wish:http://www.theappzine.com/news/crystal-ad-blocker-reduces-ios-9-bandwidth-usage-and-load-times-massive-scaleRepercussion short list.... but as with everything, there's always a reaction to every action (or something like that):Many good points for Apple, not least of which that they may get more switchers to iPhone;*If* Crystal and other ad-blockers pick up the majority of iPhone users, how is the media going to react to...
@SolipsismY - you're hardware wishes are also mine as you well know. I've just gotten tired of making silly predictions before every event, for a stand-alone iOS controlled Home Cloud/iTunes and TV Media Hub. Even at not much less than $500 I'm positive I could sell and install literally trunk-loads of such a device... even to Windows users. Edited to add TV
...and she could sing and dance... and was a sultry redhead to boot!
Vereinigte-Staatsianer/in just isn't gonna cut it in German So how ya feelin' about simply 'murica... something the in crowd on social media uses alot? Edut: spilling...!
What you're saying is that "everything is a mouse trap", yet a better one needs to be found and should be patented.Your post brought to mind an app that I've been enthusiastic about since around the beginning of the year, IFTTT aka If This Then That.Actually it's a clever and far easier take on the years old Automator for OSX, which I've used quite often in the past.I just did a simple search to see if they've applied for a patent, and turned up evudense that some others...
^^^ Quite true. I also think the deciding factor was to be at the very least public perception-wise on a par with Apple. I also believe that MS has begun to stop believing it's own PR trash talk, and takes Apple, OSX and especially mobile with iOS "rather seriously" these days and no laughing matter, as with Ball-mer.
Of course that's true. It would've been in Germany as embarrassing or more so if unaccepted as 8.0/8.1 was.... as a number of "naming faux pas" in the past for a number of products/brands:http://www.namedevelopment.com/naming-faux-pas.html
As much as it would've caused "consternation" here, if MS is to be believed, it truly is their official response and what @Tallest Skil said in a post above:They used 10 because 9 would have set off flags for Windows 95 and 98 compatibility and broken software.
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