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Funny sarcasm However I'll bet they ARE working on a pencil that's 100% self contained that can be used on any writing surface, whether paper, wood, glass... monitor or screen of any kind... without needing the sensor tech built in to the screen/tablet or a separate sensor clip or cable like *below.At about $300-400, Wacom can kiss their butts goodbye.* There's others on the market, but this is what I'm talking about... without the unneeded tech and cable.Top 10 Smart Pens...
I couldn't resist and fully agree: professional pencils do not have any erasers on them.Most artists I know use kneadable erasers.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kneaded_eraserhttp://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&page=1&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Akneadable%20eraserI've been looking for a pencil in my sketch box all morning and can't find one... although the unopened Fabers have an eraser-cap that you can use... although I never have.
Thank You. That fact took forever to be released and stated. Surprised most people especially auto and vehicle enthusiasts don't already know that .
That is the stupidist reasoning in those links since define what the meaning of "is" is.I'll get my naughty cigar while you ponder why that intellectually challenged argument is more about Webster English definitions, than it is about wether you have a leg to stand on explaining to someone that is anti-organized religion that he/she/it belongs to one. Maybe in your book of definitions, but not any that I recognize that would casually slap me or anyone else in a labeled...
Some of us have self-banned ourselves because sog35 (and others) is always right.
That's really not going to be your excuse for being "blind" to common sense and just not watching it... is it?I give to you The Power Drill: change the f***** channel... left right... left right... keep goin"....
Hey Alte... du solltest nicht mehr vom die Eckkneip' am Freitag posten! LOL!
^^^ We need outlined Apple symbol ASAP! At distance those Apples look horrendous and like a bug infection.
I don't care where you got it... it stood out whether in or out of context... fit rather well in my mashup I thought... NOTE: Quit trying to impersonate me (I'm Smokey!) and Jimmy Fallon too (yes I caught it on YT, but it was forgettable as far as JF goes (IMHO).)
Speed-reading this thread was a trip and eye-opening experience.@AI - I told you these forums were heading into the toilet long time ago!
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