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That's not why I posted the link... but I suppose it "could" happen for the right amount of money... hmmm....?!?
Fixed it for ya.
^^^^^^ ROFL! ^^^^^Good thing you sent the link... because what did I say about mentioning the "D" word?!I'll let ya in on a secret: been there... and didn't find it as bad as I was led to believe it would be. Nice "Old Town" and promenade, shopping and eating experience... but I'll still take a Kölsch over the slop they pour call "Alt"! Only an Englishman could enjoy that swill... Benji...?
I would say we knew less than 2 years after the iPhone announcement, that we were definitely experiencing Apple 3.0. Same time with the iPod/iTunes era.Please... be clever or try harder....don't go all lazy on us... or are you commiserating that Scotland didn't just "go away"...?
A little break from the Great RAM Debate between you and @wmsfo... just wanted to say thank you for the links to your new toy(!) Pretty amazing everything they can fit into such a small space these days. Last fall I gave away my Korg M1 to a talented little neighborhood girl, not because I'm such a nice neighbor (although I am), but because the thing was a beast and I just don't have that much room anymore around my 'control center'. Also knowing they are far more powerful...
Don't know if many of you have already seen this or not; it's a poll that was taken at the iMore site by Rene Ritchie a few days ago:I doubt Apple will release any break-downs... so we're just going to have to do straw-polls and visual analysis on our own. Won't be too hard, since the sizes are very different.... AND SINCE EVERYONE IS GOING TO HAVE ONE AFTER DITCHING THEIR SHITTY "LAST EVER BIG THING".... WAHHAHAHAHAHAHH!***...*** Please allow me my moment of childish glee...
You might want to take a look at this review from a notable professional photographer first... before continuing down-hill with your wishes and predictions.Full review - GREAT video and Pictures - also professionally compared to 5S side-by-sidehttp://austinmann.com/trek/iphone-6-plus-camera-review-icelandThe "main" video... but don't miss the shorts on the blog above.
Here's also a good read for techies interested in how the Internet can "easily" be broken sometimes. Why Far-Flung Parts of the Internet Broke Today (18 Sept. 2014) "Global Impacts - To recap, a major routing leak occurred, one that was entirely preventable with some common-sense limits. So what? How much impact could this small Pennsylvania-hosting company have on the global Internet? Well, quite a lot in fact and such is the nature of our trust-based Internet routing....
This just passed through my RSS feed:iOS 8 causes bandwidth spikes nationwide (England), despite slow uptakeApple’s latest iOS 8 software drove internet to almost double its normal levels, yet fewer people have updated than iOS 7 a year earlier"According to figures from LONAP, the internet exchange point that provides the physical infrastructure for much of England’s internet service providers, downloads peaked at more than 70 gigabits a second at 8pm Wednesday – a 60%...
You seem like you would be one of the first to hand over your password, when the officer(s) says, "your under investigation for the storage and distribution of child porn".Meaning: I don't think you're as bright as you think you are.
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