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Jeez Soli.... you've been on and around the net for decades and don't know that it's common practice for people to add their year of birth to their form name?You're picking on an 8 year old future genius!
^^^Besides, give the guys a break. On feminist issues and female empowerment they were almost 40 years(!) ahead of the trend that put Tess Holliday on the cover of People magazine. Yes... I'm talkin' about that big badass *Ginger Streaked Blonde, (Whole Lotta) Rosie * No idea what I was thinking... or what I thought I saw many many years ago...?!
How do you know that Honey's first name wasn't Tom, Dick, Harry or possibly Bob?
I happen to also be in the consulting and tech support business, making me just one of the 30% here that I can assure you know more than you do.Funny how my business continues to expand daily helping departments and entire small businesses switch over to Macs. True, half of my job is easy because most of these people and decision makers have iPhones that they're more than happy with. What continues to amaze me is the number of small Windows-based shops that really put all...
And why would you assume that all or many expats took flight from America?Many an expat (myself included) found the lifestyle abroad to our liking. It's only in recent years that our small bit of everlasting homesickness has been replaced by an equal amount of reassurance that our gut instinct was/is reliable
... I thought most guys watched because of Daisy?!Not to derail the thread, but I think to appease some of the LGBT haters the SCROTUS might look into expanding marriage to cars for some people. How ironic that many (most?) men have always given female names to their cars (I've been with Lola, Kate... and a frisky, beautiful dark "negro" topless dancer I simply called Gorgeous!)... yet, the Southern Folk have an affinity for a guy called "General Lee"? Would it then be a a...
You must be joking?!Please spare us!
I was answering your main question of who "needs" Apple Music to succeed more.Naturally there's a lot more to consider than just investments and perception on Apple's side.... and yes, Apple is hoping to sell and lock in customers with higher margin hardware sales by building out all of the services. Since they've made the investment both with iTunes in the past and Beats recently, I think their just wrapping up loose ends and logically creating a One-Stop Music experience.
I don't think either Apple and certainly not TSwift "need" Apple Music. However, since Apple has decided to go down this path and is hell bent on making the service succeed, I think this points to the fact that Apple has decided to do everything in it's power to win in this space.As many a chagrined commenter here has said time and time again, Apple "needs" to make the purchase of Beats appear a good move IMHO that appearance is more important to it's investors than it's...
I discussed this with a number of friends here just recently, before one of the couples took a month-long trip across the Southwest. My summarised advice to them beforehand, was to stick to "soft topics" if they ever strike up a longer discussion with an American. By no means mention: Obama, gun control, racism, healthcare, military, LGBT rights, religion or Native Americans. I'm sure I missed a few topics, but thank doG the big issues we're forewarned against.Because if...
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