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Except CurrentC is nowhere to be seen.
What's with the neglect? This is classic Apple, ignore the lesser product and then choke it off altogether because nobody wants to buy last year's products at inflated prices. The mini isn't competing with the 6 Plus, but it's being treated like a cannibal. For me, the Air is too big for a tablet and the Plus is too big for a phone. Without the mini, guess what I'm buying? Nothing. I'm sticking with my old one until they come to their senses. Would they rather I buy...
Why in the world would they want to take the company private? Everything is just fine in Apple land.
The Macbook is for people who want an iPad with a keyboard running OS X. At least that's why I'm buying one. I plan on never plugging anything into it except the power cable, just like I do on my iPad.
They all slow down over time.  That's how they get you to buy a new one.  I'm being stubborn as my 1st gen iPad Mini grinds to a halt with each iOS8 update.  Most of the time it's simple things like text entry lagging that absolutely must be by design.  Planned obsolescence.
Bluetooth LE supported: Yes Handoff supported: No WTF?: Yes
That just gives me more time to smuggle some in from the US and resell them in Switzerland for a premium.
Carphone. Car- Phone. Those big, heavy, ugly contraptions from 1991. Yeah, pair that with Warehouse and you've really got a luxury brand just primed to sell high quality items.
The only way this will be successful is if I can push the button while I'm sitting on the toilet and there's no more toilet paper, and they can deliver it to me before my legs fall asleep. Am I right?
Perhaps I'm stating the obvious, but just as this Apple boutique is opening up at the country's largest professional camera store, Apple's setting the sun on its only professional photo application. Seems more than a little contradictory.
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