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You're kidding, right?  Have you seen it?  And I didn't say they violate patents, per se - just trade dress, which has always been obvious to everyone except Lucy Koh, as regards "irreparable harm".  They were made to pay for some violations, but obviously not enough to discourage:Need more? That's not to mention the UI, Samsung Pay, even the keyboard and the location of the headphone jack which they made fun of the previous year.  They're just dancing right on that line,...
Well one thing's for sure. Looking Samsung's new phones, the court judgements did nothing to deter their copycat strategy. And shouldn't that be the point of a court ruling, really - to discourage the same behavior in the future?
I ran across this web page earlier today, and I was wondering what we could expect in the future from a company that thinks so poorly of IT'S OWN PRODUCT from two years ago. Adobe is pushing this subscription model with hype like this because it doesn't sell itself, and cutting off support for CS6 is the only way they can coerce users to upgrade. Is this supposed to make us trust the future of CC when they have all the control? Sad and scary.
The holdouts are clutching their 3.5" screens for dear life.
I wonder how this will pan out in Switzerland.  Since the 2014 referendum bilateral participation in these sorts of EU policies are very unclear.  Swiss mobile customers like myself pay $70 a month for less than 16,000 sq mi of service area, and that's including all the mountainous regions with no service. We pay huge roaming fees when we drive just a couple hours in any direction, and no doubt we'd all like to participate in a roaming agreement with the EU.  But the...
I missed the part where the European carriers are "opposing" this for the second time. It's written they're cautious and waiting to see how the market responds. That doesn't sound like opposition to me.
Anonymous. Right. This is the NSA's little tattletale room, kids, so careful what you do in there.
Walmart is infamous for strong arming suppliers and partners. They're Apple's equal when it comes to dictating terms of their suppliers and partners. It'll just be a matter of who caves first. They both have a lot to gain, so I suspect it'll happen soon. But Best Buy? They have no clout and they're struggling to compete with online retailers. They need to agree to these types of mass adoption standards (if and when it becomes so).
That voice over is horrible.
I'd love to see that Apple had been intentionally leaking fake 4.7" and 5.5" iPhone 6 parts and that the real products are safely being kept secret, including the iWatch and the real iPhone 6, same size as the 5s.  I'd literally laugh my ass off.  Right off.
New Posts  All Forums: