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I already preordered.  
Apple is going to have to launch a whole new marketing campaign to gain market share with the terrorists, maybe a feel good ad with vignettes of suicide bombers talking to their loved ones on an iPhone just before triggering the detonator, iPhones used as missile guidance and bomb timers, FaceTime for communication between cells, real time ambush monitoring, stuff like that.
Are we supposed to conclude that the guy with the bigger screen gets all the phone calls, while the dude with the iPhone just sits there at the end wondering why nobody calls his little phone? I don't get it.
This story will reveal all the news outlets that spin anti-Apple pro-Samsung garbage (ahm, Bloomberg).  There's no good way to put this except to not print it or gloss it over with predictions about next quarter (ahem, Bloomberg).
Spare battery! Yes, now if only I had a place to charge the dead battery while I'm using the fresh battery in the phone. Hmmm, ok I'll use the new battery until I get home and then I'll swap out the dead one when I go to bed to charge it. And then I'll have a half used battery for tomorrow and use it when the fully charged battery does and then I'll have two dead batteries tomorrow night. Oh heck I'll just set my alarm for 4am and swap batteries every other day. ...
This is the best article I've read on the subject yet. I'll be sharing it everywhere I've seen confusion about the future of Aperture. The future of Aperture is in Cloudkit and App Extensions, period. That means the possibilities are endless. Thanks!
Is nothing sacred?
Shouting, "follow that car!"
Exactly. I'm exercising great restraint by not lighting up the two whine-fest threads on the Apple forums with a huge told-you-so. The FUD spreaders will no doubt deny the whole thing, insisting Apple is trying to screw their customers. Haha
"Button shapes" is pretty bad. Very beta looking.
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